Dracula Midi Collection

Catalog #: KICA-7809
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 10/22/97
Price: 3200 yen

Front Cover
Back Cover

There's a whole variety of stuff on this CD. The first 11 tracks are arranged versions done with high-quality MIDI syntheziers of various Castlevania tunes, mostly from Castlevania 1. I love all of these arrangements, and they're definitely the premier of the CD.

Next comes the "Gamesound Simulation", in which the MIDI syntheziers are programmed to make the music sound just like it did originally in the game. I have no idea why they did this, but personally many of the tunes (including the versions of the NES games) sound worse. After that there are two nice piano arrangements, and another remix of Beginning, which is a crappy version of the same tune found on the Dracula Best 1 and Dracula Music Collection CDs.

Additionally, you can find the music in MIDI format to be played on your computer (though they don't sound as nice as they do on this CD until you have a really expensive, high quality sound card) as well as a bunch of nice wallpapers.

Overall, for a single CD, it's a bit more expensive than usual, but the arranged MIDI tracks are worth it, and the bonuses are a nice touch too.

The Music

Original Arrangements (Remixes)
Track Song Title Game
1 Vampire Killer Castlevania
2 Stalker Castlevania
3 Wicked Child Castlevania
4 Walking on the Edge Castlevania
5 Heart of Fire Castlevania
6 Out of Time Castlevania
7 Nothing to Lose Castlevania
8 The Silence of Daylight Castlevania II
8 Battle of the Holy Castlevania Adventure
10 Theme of Simon Super Castlevania IV
11 Rainbow Cemetery Symphony of the Night

Gamesound Simulation
Track Song Title Game
12 Vampire Killer Castlevania
13 Out of Time Castlevania
14 The Silence of Daylight Castlevania II
15 Bloodlines Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
16 Wandering Ghosts Symphony of the Night
17 Rainbow Cemetery Symphony of the Night

Piano Arrangements
Track Song Title Game
18 Lost Painting Symphony of the Night
19 Stage 1 Kid Dracula

Kukeiha Club Arrangement (Midi Version)
Track Song Title Game
20 Beginning Castlevania III

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