Dracula Perfect Selection

Catalog #: KICA-1036
Publisher: King Records
Release date: 3/5/91
Price: 3000 yen

Front Cover
Back Cover

Here's the dreaded Dracula Perfect Selection, which has been described as the rap album. I might as well start this by telling how it earned its insipid reputation: the lyrics. They're bad. VERY bad. Most of them are corny little lines about Dracula and his blood sucking tendencies or whatnot, and sound ridiculous. Bloody Tears, in specific, made me want to burst out in tears when the chorus joined in. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Now for the good stuff: the instrumentals and arrangements are actually very good. The style that the songs are played in is pretty good, and I rather like some of the versions done (especially Mad Forest, which I don't think has been arranged elsewhere.) Various other instrumental pieces are actually decent too - not outstanding, but not bad either.

This is another extremely rare CD that you'll probably never find without forking over a fortune, but it's not really worth it at all. Please note these files are all zipped as well.

The Music

Track Song Title
1 Beginning
2 Mad Forest
3 Bloody Tears
4 Clockwork
5 Flashback
6 Demon Seed
7 Prelude
8 Vampire Killer
9 Dwelling of Doom
10 Voyager

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