Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood

Catalog #: KICA-7622-3
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 11/3/93
Price: 3600 yen

Front Cover

If you own the original Dracula X CD, you may be thinking to yourself: "What's the point in owning a soundtrack to Dracula X? All of the music is on the CD in redbook." And that's a valid question. But there's more to this 2 CD set than just the Dracula X OST.

Here you get all of the music from the game, without any of the speech intermissions or data tracks (you can also play it on your computer - Windows has a problem with playing the music from Turbografx/PC Engine CDs.) Additionally, there's also a bonus tune, a remix of the "Cross Your Heart" first level theme from Haunted Castle. And it kicks ass, especially since it's the only arrangement I've ever heard of this tune.

If you've played the SNES Dracula X, you'll have a good idea of the music on this CD - but it's even better. Certain tunes are the same, like the arranged "Bloody Tears" and the new "Cemetary" but "Cross a Fear" and "Op. 13" were two awesome tracks that weren't used in that version. Plus the ending theme, "March of the Holy Men" is totally cool.

The other CD is mostly a straight recording of the music from Castlevania: Bloodlines, which, despite coming out of the Genesis synth, is excellent music. The final four tracks of this CD are arranged versions from the X68000 game, but it includes the "Theme of Simon" which most people would be familiar with. Even if you've never played the game, the arrangements are all very good here too (though the original music can be heard above)

Like so many other early Akumajou Dracula CDs, an original copy is damn near impossible to find nowadays, and SM bootlegs aren't very common either.

Disc One

Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood
Track Song Title Location
1 Overture
2 Requiem
3 Bloodlines Stage 1
4 Vampire Killer Stage 2
5 Cross a fear Stage 2'
6 Blood Tears Stage 3
6 Cemetery Stage 3'
7 Beginning Stage 4
8 Opus 13 Stage 4'
10 Picture of a Ghost Ship Stage 5
11 Slash Stage 5'
12 Den Stage 7
13 Dancing in Phantasmic Hell Boss Battle Theme
14 Illusionary Dance Dracula Battle Theme
15 March of the Holy Men Richter's Ending
16 Mary Samba Maria's Ending
17 Cross Your Heart Haunted Castle Remix

Disc Two

Castlevania Bloodlines
Track Song Title Location
1 beating the Darkness Title
2 Vision of Dark Secrets Opening
3 Bonds of Brave Men Player Select
4 Arduous Journey Map
5 Reincarnated Soul Stage 1
6 The Sinking Old Sanctuary Stage 2
7 The Discolored Wall Stage 3
8 Beginning Item 1
9 Bloody Tears Item 2
10 Vampire Killer Item 3
11 After the Good Fight Game Over
12 Mysterious Curse Password
13 Iron-Blue Intention Stage 4
14 The Prayer of a Tragic Queen Stage 5
15 Calling From Heaven Stage 6
16 Messenger From Devil Mid-Boss Theme
17 Nothing to Lose Before First Boss
18 The 6 Servants of the Devil Boss Theme
19 Theme of Simon Before Dracula's Battle
20 The Vampire's Stomach Dracula Battle Theme
21 Stage Clear with the Red Crystal Stage Clear
22 Together Forever Ending Demo
23 Requiem for the Nameless Victim Staff Roll

Castlevania X68000 Arranged
Track Song Title Location
24 Moon Fight Block 6-1
25 Ending Ending
26 Final Road  
27 Simon's Theme Block 8

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