Castlevania Media: Fan MP3s

Song Title Artist
Travel Demon S. S. H.
Dracula Medley Toshiyuki Ohta
The Accursed Seal JILost
The Accursed Seal (Guitar) Nino/JILost
Bloodline Nino/OptimusR
Bloody Tears/Vampire Killer Nino

Song Title Artist
Vampire Killer (Goth Industrial) Cale d'Locke
Vampire Killer Arthur Chapman
Vampire Killer NESkimos
Stalker Arthur Chapman
Stalker JILost
The Raven (Wicked Child) Goat
Wicked Child Nino
Wicked Child JILost
Walking on the Edge  
Heart of Fire JILost
Castlevania Dungeon (Out of Time) Jonathan Gagnon
Nothing to Lose JILost
Voyager JILost
Poison Mind  
Poison Insanity (Poison Mind) Geoffrey Gunn

Castlevania II
Song Title Artist
Bloody Tears S. S. H.
Bloody Tears Quasar
Bloody Bossanova NESkimos
Bloody Tears Ghaleon128
Dwelling of Doom Joe Lordi
Simon's Town (Silence of Daylight) Digimatic
The Silence of Daylight Edgar Torres
Monster Groove Ti-B0ne
Within These Castlevania Walls Ti-B0ne

Haunted Castle
Song Title Artist
Cross Your Heart Snabald
Don't Wait Until Night Jorge D. Fuentes
Sent to the Devil's Requiem Jorge D. Fuentes

Castlevania Adventure
Song Title Artist
Battle of the Holy Jorge D. Fuentes
Revenge (Cybergoth) Cale d'Locke
Revenge Dark Angel 33

Castlevania III
Song Title Artist
Deadbeat (Night Sermon Remix) Cale d'Locke
Castlevania 3 Medley The Minibosses

Super Castlevania IV
Song Title Artist
Drawbridge - Simon's Theme NESkimos
Simon's Theme  
Simon's Theme Virt
Simon's Theme Toshiyuki Ohta
Simon's Theme Madd Murdock
Power Up Candles (The Cave) Quinn Fox
Waterfalls JILost
Room of Close Associates Jorge D. Fuentes
Bloody Tears Motel Mix

Castlevania Adventure II
Song Title Artist
Ripe Seeds JILost
Ripe Seeds Zero Slug FM
Praying Hands Zero Slug FM
Psycho Warrior Zero Slug FM

Dracula X
Song Title Artist
Haunted Corridor (Bloodlines) Silverlord

Castlevania X68000
Song Title Artist
Tower of Dolls  

Castlevania Bloodlines
Song Title Artist
Resurrection (Reincarnated Soul) The Coop
Reincarnated Souls Nino
The Requiem (Requiem for Nameless Souls) The Coop

Symphony of the Night
Song Title Artist
Dracula's Castle - Christo-phixed Mix Christopher Romero
Requiem of the Gods - Angelic Mix Christopher Romero
Lost Painting - DJ Alucard Mix Christopher Romero
The Tragic Prince Nino

Castlevania Legends
Song Title Artist
Castle Entrance Jorge D. Fuentes
Inner Hallways Jorge D. Fuentes
Gears and Chains Jorge D. Fuentes

Castlevania 64
Song Title Artist
Watch Tower Jorge D. Fuentes
Tower of Sorcery Jorge D. Fuentes

Circle of the Moon
Song Title Artist
Kiss the Abyss (Catacombs) Nukkus
Awakening Jorge D. Fuentes
End Credits Nightbeat

Harmony of Dissonance
Song Title Artist
Clock Tower Jorge D. Fuentes
Castle Theme Jorge D. Fuentes
Chapel of Dissonance Jorge D. Fuentes
Successor of Fate (Juste's Theme) - Entrance Jorge D. Fuentes
Successor of Fate Nino
Offense and Defense (Marble Corridor) Jorge D. Fuentes
Aqueduct of Dragons Jorge D. Fuentes
Shrine of the Apostates Jorge D. Fuentes
Vampire Killer 2K2 Jorge D. Fuentes

Aria of Sorrow
Song Title Artist
Soul of Axe Armor (Crucifix of Fate) Rize
Akatsuki - Castle Corridor - Crucifix of Fate From Japanese Webpage
Castle Corridor - Crucifix of Fate Jorge D. Fuentes
Crucifix of Fate Geoffrey Gunn
Clocktower Jorge D. Fuentes
Floating Gardens Jorge D. Fuentes
The Arena Jorge D. Fuentes
Inner Quarters Jorge D. Fuentes
Dance Hall Jorge D. Fuentes
Underground Reservoir Jorge D. Fuentes
Top Floor
Study Jorge D. Fuentes
Chapel Jorge D. Fuentes
Chapel - Prayer of Mercy Geoffrey Gunn
Heart of Fire Jorge D. Fuentes

Lament of Innocence
Song Title Artist
Dance in the Lab (Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab) Geoffrey Gunn

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