Oretachi Game Center Zoku - Akumajou Dracula

Catalog #: XX
Publisher: Hamster
Release date: 2006
Price: ?

Front Cover

Essentially the same music on the Konami Game Music Collection Vol 1, except these seem to be recorded straight from the arcade game. As a result, the sound is a little less bassy. The tracks are broken up differently, and the sound effects are in a separate tracks. There's also one new remixed tracks, featuring renditions of Cross Your Heart, Bloody Tears, and Don't Want Until Night.

The Music
Song Title
Resurrected Dracula
Wedding March Tragedy
Cross Your Heart
Devils Resurrection
Battle Again
Devil's Revival
No Return
Bloody Tears
Clocktower's Beat
Basement Melody
Don't Wait Until Night
Dracula's Room
Final Battle
Sent to the Devil's Requiem
Never End
Sound Effects
Akumajou Dracula Super Sweep Mix

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