Konami Game Music Collection Volume 1

Catalog #: ?
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 1998
Price: ?

Front Cover

The arcade soundtrack for Haunted Castle sounds remarkably good, considering it was made in 1988. Though the game is arguably the weakest of the entire Castlevania series, there is quite a bit of good music. Here marks the first appearance of the famous "Bloody Tears" song, as well as a few other classics that, unfortunately have never been heard in another Castlevania game (such as Cross Your Heart, which WAS rearranged on the Dracula X OST, Clocktower's Beat, and Sent to the Devil's Reqiuem.) And if nothing else, get the track labeled "Never End" to hear the game's rather silly death scream.

Thanks to Carl for all of these MP3s!

The Music

Tracks 1-31, 47+, from other various Konami '80s arcade games (Gradius 2, Labrynth Racer, Checkered Flag).

Track Song Title
33 Resurrected Dracula
34 Wedding March Tragedy
35 Cross Your Heart
36 The Devil's Resurrection
37 Battle Again
38 The Devil's Revival
39 No Return
40 Bloody Tears
41 The Basement Melody - Clocktower's Beat
42 Don't Wait Until Night
43 Dracula's Room
44 Final Battle
45 Ending
46 Never End
47 Sent to the Devil's Requiem

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Multimedia - Konami Game Music Vol. 1