The Minibosses

Catalog #: N/A
Publisher: Kraid Records
Release date: Sept. 2000
Price: $9 (Shipped)

No, this isn't a Japanese soundtrack release, and not even totally Castlevania, but it definitely deserves mention. The Minibosses are a band from out in Arizona that plays rock covers of various video game songs, two of them being from Castlevania! Their first CD album contains nearly all of the music they have, plus some of their non-game related songs.

The original songs really aren't my type, and the vocals are drowned out by the guitars, but the game selections are pretty damn cool - the Castlevania selections are medleys from CV 1 and 2. The other songs are outstanding too, especially the Contra medley (featuring music from the first three levels) and the classic Ghosts and Goblins theme.

All of the MP3s can be downloaded from, though you can buy their CD for a really thrify $9 shipped. It's definitely worth paying this group for their cool songs, and will hopefully inspire more bands to cover video game music!

The Music

Track Song Title
1 Wizards and Warriors
2 Song C
3 Castlevania 2
4 Lost Under Rubble
5 Ghosts N Goblins
6 Total Eclipse
7 Contra
8 Ricky Butler's Lament
9 Castlevania
10 GI Joe LIVE
11 Kraid Metroid

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