Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight OST

Catalog #: KICA-7801
Publisher: King
Release date: 4/9/97
Price: 2243 yen

Front Cover

What can I say? Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has some of the best damn music ever composed, and all of it's here on this CD. How could you not love the beautiful intro music, "Moonlight Nocturne", the ultra-cool "Dracula's Castle" entrance theme, the rocking "Festival of Servants" or "The Tragic Prince" or even the almost-depressing but still stunning "Crystal Teardrops"?

The only qualm I have with it is that the music is only played through once, then ends, as opposed to looping twice like a lot of other game music CDs. But otherwise, how could you NOT want this CD?

The extra MP3s come from a variety of sources. The Sega Saturn version has several new music tracks, many of which are remixes of old Castlevania songs. These are used in the new areas, when playing as Maria or Richter, or when you fight Maria as Alucard. The alternate versions are recordings straight from the PSX version. Certain songs are slightly altered from their OST counterparts - for example, Strange Bloodlines is cut short on the OST, Crystal Teardrops has a different ending before the song loops, and Dracula's Castle doesn't quite loop right at all.

The Music

Track Song Title Location
1 Metamorphosis 1 Video Intro
2 Prologue Richter's Battle with Dracula
3 Dance of Illusions Dracula Battle Theme
4 Moonlight Nocturne Intro Story
5 Prayer Save Game Screen
6 Dracula's Castle Entrance
7 Dance of Gold Alchemy Lab
8 Marble Gallery Marble Gallery
9 Tower of Mist Outer Wall
10 Nocturne (Not Used)
11 Wood Carving Partita Long Library
12 Door of Holy Spirits  
13 Festival of Servants Boss Theme 1
14 Land of Benediction Game Over
15 Requiem For the Gods Royal Chapel
16 Crystal Teardrops Underground Caverns
17 Abandoned Pit Abandoned Mines
18 Rainbow Cemetery Catacombs
19 Silence  
20 Lost Painting Inverted Library (Etc.)
21 Dance of Pales Olrox's Quarters
22 Curse Zone Inverted Catacombs (Etc.)
23 Enchanted Banquet Succubus Battle Theme
24 Wandering Ghosts Coliseum
25 The Tragic Prince Clock Tower
26 The Door to the Abyss  
27 Heavenly Doorway Castle Keep
28 Death Ballad Boss Theme 2
29 Blood Relations Fight with Richter
30 Metamorphosis 2 Inverted Castle Video
31 Final Toccata Inverted Marble Gallery (Etc.)
32 Black Banquet Final Battle
33 Metamorphosis 3 Destruction of Castle Video
34 "I am the Wind" Final Song (Lyrics)

The following are other Symphony of the Night related MP3s. They are not on the soundtrack CD.

Sega Saturn Nocturne in the Moonlight
Song Title Location
Master Librarian  
Chaconne c.moll Cursed Prison
Vampire Killer (Rock)  
Vampire Killer (Techno/Goth)  
Beginning (Techno Goth  
Beginning (Jazz)  
Bloody Tears (Hard Rock 1)  
Bloody Tears (Hard Rock 2)  
Guardian Fight with Maria

Alternate Versions
Song Title Source
Crystal Teardrops  
Dracula's Castle  
Festival of Servants  
Strange Bloodlines  
Dracula's Castle Remix Bonus Track from PSX CD
Hidden Track (Lullaby/Waltz?) Extracted from MIDI files on PSX CD

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