Dracula New Classic

Catalog #: KICA-1103
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 04/22/92
Price: 3000 yen

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Dracula New Classic is, by far, the most sought after Castlevania CD (yes, even more than that wretched rap Dracula Perfect Selection.) As the title suggests, you get to hear many of your favorite Castlevania selections played out in a classical style. Actually, the description isn't entirely accurate - though many times there are violins and other string instruments, there are often synths that add to the music, giving it a fantasy-medieval type feel. It does give it an old-type feel, though it differs from song to song. There is only music from the earlier Castlevania games, like the NES trilogy, the first two Gameboy games, and one from Super Castlevania IV.

Don't begin to ask where you can find this CD. It's been out of print for about ten years, and is near impossible to find. I've only seen it for sale or for auction a few times, but I'm willing to bet any asking prices would quickly soar into the triple digits. Though I like this album, I find it hard to see why anyone would pay more than $50 for this CD. It's just over 40 minutes long, and though the music is very nice (especially the Beginning arrangement), I really prefer the hard rock arrangements from the Konami Battle series.

Let me note that the sudden ends to a few of the songs are supposed to happen. It's not a problem with the MP3s.

The Music

Track Song Title Game
1 Vampire Killer/Wicked Child Castlevania
2 Dwelling of Doom Castlevania II
3 Beginning Castlevania III
4 Monster Dance Castlevania II
5 Hearts of Fire/Out of Time Castlevania
6 The Cave Super Castlevania IV
7 Bloody Tears Castlevania II
8 Theme from Legend of Dracula Castlevania Adventure
9 Praying Hands Castlevania II
10 Evergreen Castlevania III

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