MIDI Power 3: Gradius III, Akumajo Dracula

Catalog #: KICA-7615
Publisher: Konami
Release date: ?
Price: ?

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This is an excellent CD - not only does it include MIDI arrange versions of Gradius 3 (better than both the arcade and SNES soundtracks), but X68000 Akumajou Dracula as well! While I have to admit this isn't my favorite Castlevania soundtrack, it does include the only remix of Wicked Child in any of the games, and the boss theme is quite excellent.

Thanks to Cloud's Villa for the MP3s.

The Music

Tracks 1-23 - from Gradius 3

Track Song Title
24 File Load
25 Black Mass
26 Something Loopy
27 The Bathead
28 Vampire Killer
29 Creatures in the Depth
30 Stage Clear BGM
31 Thrashard in the Cave
32 Wicked Child
33 Bloody Tears
34 The Tower of Gears
35 Moon Fight
36 The Tower of Dolls
37 Etude for the Killer
38 Theme of Simon
39 You Goddamned Bathead
40 All Clear BGM
41 Mother Earth
42 Game Over

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