MIDI Power Pro 6: Dracula X

Catalog #: KICA-7928
Publisher: Konami
Release date: 1998
Price: 3873 yen

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Not counting the mediocre Dracula X Remixies, this is the closest you'll get to a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night arranged album. All of the best tunes are present here, all lengthend and extended quite a bit. The only problem? They're done on MIDI syntheziers. It sounds a lot better than any MIDI file you can get on your computer, but let's face it - the real guitars used in Symphony of the Night for "The Tragic Prince" and "Festival of Servants" sound a lot better than the synth guitars used here.

In spite of the inferior sound system, I do love most of the arrangements. It's nice to hear them a lot longer, especially since the tracks didn't loop on the original soundtrack. The other big quarrel is the CD price, however - most places online sell this CD for about $40 or more, which is just too much for a single CD album. I guess the high price tag is due to the 3.5 disk with MIDI files on it, but they sound like crap unless you have a really good synthesizer (you can find them in the Multimedia section for download.)

The Music

Track Song Title
1 Pale Dancing Song
2 Dance of GOld
3 Crystal Teardrops
4 Midnight Nocturne
5 Strange Bloodlines
6 Marble Corridor
7 Festival of Servants/Wood Carving Partita
8 Dracula's Castle
9 The Tragic Prince
10 Wandering Spirits

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