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Vampire Killer
Vampire Killer for the MSX has mostly the same music as the NES version - except the ending song, which is entirely exclusive to this version. Thanks to Proto for ripping these.

Song Title Location Used
Prologue Intro
Vampire Killer Level 1
Stalker Level 2
Wicked Child Level 3
Out of Time Level 4
Heart of Fire Level 5
Walking on the Edge Level 6
Nothing to Lose Dracula's Room
Black Night Dracula's 2nd Form
Poison Mind Boss Battle
Player Miss Player Miss
Game Over Game Over
Stage Clear Stage Clear
All Clear All Clear
Ending Ending Theme

Castlevania II
The Famicom Disk version of Castlevania 2 had, quite honestly, pretty crappy music compared to the NES version. The Akumajou Dracula Best 1 album did include 3 tracks from the cartridge release, but not all of them. So this is the complete soundtrack.

Song Title Location Used
Message of Darkness Password Screen
The Silence of Daylight Town
Bloody Tears Daylight
Monster Dance Nighttime
Dwelling of Doom Mansion
Last Boss Battle with Dracula
Within These Castle Walls Dracula's Castle
A Requiem Ending
Game Over Game Over

Castlevania III
Once again, this whole soundtrack is also on the Akumajou Dracula Best 1 album, but that is for the Japanese version, which has somewhat different sounding music, due to a special chip inside the cartridge. I'm personally split on some the music - songs like Beginning and Mad Forest sound much better in Japanese version, but songs like Rising are preferable in the American release. I recorded a majority of the songs from the sound test, leaving out the crappier tunes.

Song Title Location Used
Prelude Intro
Prayer Opening
Prayer (with Thunder) Opening
Beginning Block 1
Clockwork Block 2
Mad Forest Block 3
Dead Beat Block 4-01
Rising Block 5-0A
Aquarius Block 6-01
Stream Block 6-0A
Riddle Block 9-01
Pressure Block A-01
Boss Fight Boss Theme
Big Battle Dracula
Block Clear Block Clear
All Clear All Clear
Encounter Spirit Meeting
Game Over Game Over
Evergreen Ending
Flashback Credits

Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
I was always rather annoyed that the soundtrack release of Dracula X didn't have the non-CD Audio music tracks, but Protogem has recorded all of the synth music from ingame.

Song Title Location Used
Stop Watch Jingle Stop Watch
Before Boss Before Boss Battle
Poison Mind (Another Nightmare) Boss Theme
Stage Victory Block Clear
Final Level Victory All Clear
Player Death Player Death
Game Over Game Over

Castlevania: Dracula X
The SNES version had surprisingly faithful music compared to the PC Engine original. I actually prefer a few of the songs, such as Bloodlines and Cemetary here in the SNES one. I still don't know why they put in the outrageously crappy Picture of a Ghost Ship over Cross a Fear. *sigh* A special thanks to Elbryan42 for recording and encoding the last four songs.

Song Title Location Used
Password/Map Theme Password
Opposing Bloodlines Level 1
Vampire Killer Level 2
Bloody Tears Level 3
Cemetery Level 4
Picture of a Ghost Ship Level 5
Slash Level 5'
Beginning Level 6
Den Level 7
Annette's Theme Annette
Before First Boss Before First Boss
Ending and Credits Ending

Rips Page 1 (VK - Drac X) - Midi Page 2 (CVL - Aria)

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