Castlevania Media: SotN Voice Clips

Opening dialogue (Richter and Dracula) English Japanese
Dracula's Death English Japanese
Opening Narration (Japanese version only) - - - - Japanese
Meeting with Death English Japanese
Meeting with Maria #1 (Clock Room) English Japanese
The Master Librarian English Japanese
The Boatman English Japanese
Meeting with Maria #2 (Before Chapel) English Japanese
Meeting with Maria #3 (After Griffon Fight) English Japanese
Priest's Blessing (unused in English version) English Japanese
Meeting with Richter (at Colloseum) English Japanese
The Succubus English Japanese
Meeting with Maria #4 (at the spiked corridor) English Japanese
Meeting with Maria #5 (below clock room)
Japanese version includes Maria fight dialogue from Saturn game
English Japanese
Fight with Richter (w/Ending #2) English Japanese
Bad Ending #1 (Alucard defeats Richter) English - - - -
Victory over Richter (Shaft appears) English Japanese
Fight with Dracula (Ending) English - - - -
Dracula's Death (End game) English - - - -
Maria's Speech (Ending #3) English - - - -
Ending #4 English - - - -
Alucard's Warning (CD Audio) English Japanese
The Fairy Familiar English - - - -
The Demon Familiar English Japanese
Konami Voice Test (Japanese version only) - - - - Japanese

English Voice Actor Info:

Dracula: Scott Mcculloch

Maria: Kimberly Forsythe
Other roles: Princess Fillet in Brave Fencer Musashi.

Alucard: Robert Belgrade
Other roles: the Narrator in Tenchu, the captain in the intro to Star Ocean, a role in Silpheed: The Lost Planet.

Richter: Michael G.
Other roles: Harry Mason in Silent Hill.

Death: Dennis Falt
Other roles: Master Chen in Shen Mue, credited as additional voices in Silent Hill 2

Succubus: Allision Lester

Shaft: Jeff Manning

Lisa: Barbara Whitlow

Japanese Voice Actor Info:

Dracula: Norio Wakamoto
Other roles: Vicious from Cowboy Bebop, Cell from Dragon Ball Z, Kagato from Tenchi Muyo

Maria: Chisa Yokoyama
Other roles: Lucrecia Noin from Gundam Wing, Sasami from Tenchi Muyo, Sakura from Sakura Wars, Lucia from Lunar 2

Alucard: Ryoutarou Okiayu
Other roles: Jinnai from El Hazard, Shigure Souma from Fruits Basket, Yuu from Marmalade Boy, Treize Kushrenada from Gundam Wing, Ronfar from Lunar 2, Roy Bromwell from Rival Schools, Zero from Megaman X6.

Richter: Kiyoyuki Yanada
Other roles: Ghaleon from Lunar, Moca from Sorceror Hunters, Tamiya from Oh My Goddess!

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