Castlevania Media: Videos

Super Castlevania 4:
Super Castlevania 4 Promo Video (Real Video). Provided by Lyndon Moore.
Whip Swing Glitch (Windows Media).

Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
Glitch #1 (MPEG). Taken from Japanese web site.
Glitch #2 (MPEG).

Symphony of the Night
Symphony of the Night TV Commercial.
Ripped from the Sony game CD:
Opening FMV: Destiny Awaits.
Midpoint FMV: A new Castle is Born.
Ending FMV: The Castle is Destroyed.

Castlevania 64:
Preview Clip (Taken from Videogamespot).
Another Preview Clip.

Castlevania Resurrection:
Full Intro (MPEG). Thanks to Ricardo Fuentes!
Preview Clip (Taken from IGN) Quicktime.
Opening (Draft) Quicktime.
Sonia (Draft) Quicktime.
Victor (Draft) Quicktime.

Lament of Innocence:
Television Commercial (Windows Media).
Trailer Video (Quicktime). Long.
Trailer (Quicktime).
Sonim News Video (Real Video).
Michiru Yamane News Video (Real Video).

Malize Mizer Video:
Malice Mizer - Gekka no Yasoukyoku (Real Video). Thanks to Markus Pfeffer!

French TV Special:
Special on Castlevania/Interview with IGA (Real Video).

Leipzig Concert: (thanks to CapcomMDB)
Concert Video
Practice Session

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