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You walk into a room lit by a fireplace and candles. The smell of fires and smoke greet you as you enter. Apparently you have to bring your drinks into the room from outside. There's a slight stage like area for a person to stand on. Just as you enter the storyteller gets up ready to provide you with a tale.

Blood Debts (Rated R): After defeating his father in 1797, Alucard prepares for an eternal slumber. He's stopped short by Richter, who imparts the knowledge of the Belmont family before time separates them. But when his slumber is awakened again with someone needing his help, what shall Alucard do? Rated R. Gaming timeline --- up to Sonia's game.

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Aria of Sorrow - The Second Wave of Tears (Rated R): Graham preached the end of the world. He spoke of being the Lord of Darkness who would lead them all into salvation as a new world order of Darkness would take over. But Graham died in the castle, proving he was a false prophet. So now the massess seek the true Dark Lord. With teens disappearing and Soma recently kidnapped as well the question rises... Will they find Soma in time to save the world from the return of Darkness.

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The Trail of Alucard (Rated R): Alucard's battle hasn't ended...

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

Interview with a Dhampire

Untitled Alucard story: A piece of writing inspired by the Original Sound Track for Chrono Cross, Tower of stars

Castlevania 2002


The New Guy in Town

The Forgotten Legend

Castlevania Legends

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