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Aria of Sorrow: Foreign Release Info

Known as Minuet of Dawn in Japan, all versions of this game were released at the same time worldwide, so there are very few differences. Japanese players got an exclusive artbook if they ordered through Konami, and the European version had a multi-language select. Unfortunately, the English translation is a bit lacking - though the dialogue is well written, the monster names are pitifully translated. Some are merely inconsistent with other games - for instance, the plant usually known as "Thornweeds" are now known by their original Japanese name, "Une". Less forgivable are some of the more terrible gaffs - "Curly" should've been "Kali", "Skull Millone" should've been "Scarmiglione", and "Lubicant" should've been "Rubicant". These are all cases where the translator simply didn't get what the monsters were referring to (Dante's Inferno, in the last two cases.) I've been told that the French translation was pretty pitiful too.

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