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Endings of Aria of Sorrow

Ending pictures thanks to Rey at the awesome Video Game Museum.

Ending A - Defeat Graham Without Equipping the Three Souls

Graham: Tha...that's not...NOOOO!
Soma: The magical powers he absorbed have abanboned him.
Arikado: The castle is weak now! The portal to your world should be opening!
Soma: So what should I do?
Arikado: Order the castle to open the portal! It has felt your power and may obey!
Soma: Alright. I'll give it a try. I command open!
Return all of us living beings to where we came from!
Genya: .....
Soma: .....Nothing happened?
Genya: You're wrong. The fabric of space is beginning to tear...

Everyone is warped outside the castle.

Soma: Have we returned?
Mina: Yes, there's no mistake. We've made it home.
Genya:'ve done well.
Soma: Hey, what happened to the ohters?
Genya: No need to worry about them. They'll be here soon enough.
Soma: And the the castle still in the eclipse?
Genya: Yes. It awaits the coming of its new master. Someday, someone will assume the form of Dracula again.
When that time will be, I do not know...
Mina: What's wrong, Soma? We made it back home. Why the sad face?
Soma: I feel like the castle is still calling out to me... Maybe the castle is where I truly belong?
Arikado: ....
Mina: You're imagining things. We just escaped from there. You are home...
Soma: Yeah, I hope it's just my imagination...
Genya: If you are ever summoned by the castle again, you can deal with it then. For now, you should rest.
Soma: Yeah, you're right...
Mina: Yes.

Ending B - Lose to Chaos

This is quite possibly the coolest ending in Castlevania history. Soma has taken his seat in Dracula's Throne. When Julius comes up to challenge him, Soma tosses his glass of wine aside and begins to fight.

Julius: Sorry I kept you waiting. Time to keep that promise I made you.

Ending C - Beat Chaos

Once you beat Chaos, Soma will floating in a white light, with his friends congratulating him.

Yoko: Hello, Soma. Congratulations. I've got another job that I must attend to, so I have to go now. When I heard that YOU were Dracula, I was shocked... I was also just waking up, you know. If you think about it, though, everything turned out OK. Ha ha ha.....I'll never forget your strength and courage. And I haven't thanked you yet for rescuing me. So...thanks. You're like a younger brother to me. It was fun, and I hope we meet again. Goodbye.
Hammer: Hey there! Much obliged for your business at my shop. Back at the castle, I realized my true calling. Fighting's not for me. I think I'll quit the army and open up a shop sometime soon.
Promise me you'll come. I'll give ya a good deal. Julius: You fought well. When we fled the castle, I felt the power from Vampire Killer fading away. I don't know what that means. But I won't have to do anytrhing for the time being. Farewell. May we meet again.
Arikado: The path you took was the most challenging one. You did well. For God to be good, evil is an absolute necessity in this world. In the future, someone may follow again in Dracula's dark footsteps. At that time, perhaps we'll meet again. Farewell...In my mother's name, I send thanks to you.
Mina: Wake up...Wake up...Wake...

Soma awakens outside the shrine

Mina: Wake up...Wake up, Soma.
Soma: Uh, ungh...
Mina: Soma! Oh, thank God! I was so worried about you. Arikado told me that would be okay, but I was worried. I thought you would never wake up.
Soma: I heard everybody's voices...You saved my life...again!
Mina: AGAIN?
Soma: Yes...I couldn't have won the last battle by myself. Everyone's kind words and encouragement led me to victory...
Mina: I'm so glad that your experience didn't change you.
Soma: But it DID change me...
Mina: In what way?
Soma: I'm a lot cooler now!
Mina: HAVE changed. The old Soma would never have said that.
Soma: Remember, inside of me, Dracula's power lies sleeping. It may not be evil anymore, but, it's definitely changed me.
Mina: It's OK. If anything ever happens again, everyone will rush to your aid.
Soma: That's right. I guess they will. Look, the eclipse has ended! Your kind words have me the strength to win...Thanks...

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