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Crystal Castle

Partially submerged in water, the Crystal Castle (no, not the old video game from the 80's with the bear!) is a sight to see. Most likely the easiest castle, Christopher must wade through the flood and jump from crumbling blocks while avoiding ravens and mermen. At the end of the level awaits the evil wizard, the Dark Side.

Air Castle

Suspended in the air by mysterious evil forces, the Air Castle relies mostly on spiked traps rather than enemies to do you in. You must climb on the ropes of spiked balls (which retract to the ceiling when you touch them) and navigate a system of ropes that flow in opposite directions. At the top of the castle is the bizarre Angel Mummy.

Plant Castle

Inhabited with various types of evil flora, the Plant Castle is creepy indeed. Certain kinds of vegetation will grasp onto your feet, slowing your walking pace, and the eyeballs and bridges from the previous Gameboy adventure also appear. The boss is the Iron Doll.

Rock Castle

The Rock Castle is partially set in a gigantic mountain. The interior resembles an ancient Egyptian pyramid, with hieroglyphics abound. At times, the lights will go out, leaving Christopher to fight pillbugs and jump over pits without seeing anything. The final enemy in here is the statue duo of Kumulo and Nimbler.

Dracula's Castle: Entrance

The adventure starts outside of the castle, where Zeldo's guard the opening gate. Much of this level is a vertical ascent through the castle's passages, and Dracula has relied on spiked traps more than vile demons to protect this keep. At the end you'll find that the Bone Dragon King is back for another round of fighting.

Dracula's Castle: The Chapel

The second part of Dracula's castle consists mostly of the highest extends of the church. Many careful jumps must be made, especially avoiding the enemies that try to knock you off the perches. You must also make careful jumps when climbing the webs of spiders that dangle from the top of the chapel. At the end, you'll come face to face with the Solieyu-demon, your cursed son.

Dracula's Castle: The Master's Chamber

Inanimate skeletons guard the final descent into Dracula's chambers. Can you help Christopher defeat this monster again and reclaim peace?

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