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Level 1: The Forest

Christopher's first step on his way to Dracula's castle is the haunted forest. Filled with bizarre mudmen, ravens, mutated frogs and bats, Chris must trek the forest, up through the mountains, and eventually meet the Gobanz at the end of the level.

Level 2: The Cave

Entering into one the mountains, Christopher will find himself inside a dank cave. Falling platforms, nasty eyeballs, and annoying bats will impede his progress. Also, near the end of the level, there is a very small maze that must be navigated before you can reach the end of the level. Several small mole-like creature will awaken from their den and attack you at the end.

Level 3: The Tower of Traps

Dracula knew that his evil guardians could not adequately defend against the power of a Belmont, so he erected this gigantic tower filled with spikes. After getting through a spiked ceiling that crushes down on the ground, Christopher is forced climb up a series of ropes while being followed by spikes coming from below. After that's conquered, another wall of spikes sets toward Chris as he moves to the left, all while making very precise jumps. An evil bat-human creature awaits at the end of the level.

Level 4: Dracula's Castle

The first part of this level takes place in the courtyard outside Drac's castle, guarded by statues that suddenly come to life, and more Gobanz clones. Wading through the depths of the castle, several traps have been set, like more floating platforms and spiked poles that come out from the wall that must be jumped on. The final baddie here is the Prince of Darkness, Count Dracula.

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