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Akumajo Dracula Foreign Release Info

The X68000 version was never released outside of Japan. The European version is the same as the Japanese one, just with translated text.

Oddly enough, the American audience got the best deal. The music skipping bug (where songs in Arrange mode would occasionally stutter) was fixed. There is a video interview with Koji Igarashi, producer of Castlevania Chronicles, where he talks about his various plans for future Castlevania games. Additionally, there's an art gallery that opens up over the course of the game - it includes the pieces of art Ayami Kojima created for Chronicles, as well as all of the art from Symphony of the Night (though the Succubus piece is cut off at the neck.) The initial retail price was also a very reasonable $20 (it sold for full price, 5800 yen, in Japan.)

Also, the music select option was removed when you select the Original mode. The game defaults to X68000 synth. You can enable this screen by holding L1 and R1, then selecting Original Mode. Also, in the Japanese version, the dolls in the Tower of Dolls spoke random creepy Japanese ("yamete!" which means "stop!", amongst others.) These were hacked out of the American release for no good reason.

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