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Level 1: Entrance Hallway

The entrance level is almost exactly the same as the traditional entrance hall featured in the original Castlevania. There are a few nice touches, like the lightning that destroys a tree (an effect mimicked in the N64 games) and the large painting in the middle of the hallway.

Level 2: Underground Caverns

The caverns are heavily reminscent of a similar level in Super Castlevania 4, forcing you to fight against water streams, falling stalactites and weird green slime stuff. This level is particularly noteworthy for the merchant near the end of the level - you can keep whipping him to change the items that he'll drop for you (this is also the most convenient place to get the herb, one of the most useful items in the game.) At the end, you'll end up on a raft that speeds upward as the well is flooded before meeting a bone dragon at the end.

Level 3: Courtyard and Ice Caverns

There are several elements from older Castlevania games mixed together in this level - the hawks that drop little hunchbacks, the trees that come alive (straight outta Haunted Castle) and the mud monsters in the swamp. Oddly enough, there's also quite the array of living statues and water bubbles (??) that will try to attack you. The coolest section is the underground ice lair - a typical video game cliche, to be sure, but not one seen often in Castlevania. The wizard at the end has quite the variety of magics to slay you as well.

Level 4: Chapel

Most of this level is a variation of the second level from the original Castlevania - with the exception of the large statue that cries out tears of blood, which turn into red skeletons. There's also a tower to be scaled in which you'll face a knight made of shattered stained glass (again, right out of Haunted Castle, and reused in Castlevania 64.) The end boss, Medusa, is the same as the original, although this time you face more than just her head.

Level 5: Clocktower

By now, everyone is scared of the clock tower levels in Castlevania games. I'd go so far to say this is one of the hardest level in the game, primarily due to the stupid amount of floating eye monsters that constantly attack. The end boss, a werewolf that actually rips apart the background to attack, is also ranks up there as one of the more frustrating moments in Castlevania history.

Level 6: Tower of Dolls and Mirrors

After scaling the outer wall and running across the collapsing bridge, you'll end up in the Tower of Dolls, where annoying little children's toys pop out, yell scary things in Japanese and gang up on you. Very creepy. The Hall of Mirrors is also quite interesting, as you are attacked by several inanimate glass objects out for your blood. As expected, you face a mirror image of yourself at the end.

Level 7: Dungeon, Lab, and Art Gallery

A vast majority of this level is based off level 5 from the original game, with a whole slew of more traps (swinging guillotines!) and monsters (the bone spider with the human skull is creepy.) The paintings that lead to the Grim Reaper are also extraordinaily cool - too bad they don't come to life as in Dracula X PC Engine. Frankenstein also pops up in the laboratory to impede your progress, but you can always try to run past him if you disapprove of that sort of violence.

Level 8: Final Chamber

You've made it all of the way to the final level, and you get to face one of the coolest enemies in any Castlevania game - the ninja maids. Yes, it's exactly like it sounds. After fighting through the arsenal (which eventually goes up in flames - way to go, Simon) you'll end up crossing the old bridges and fighting the old big bats like level 6 in the old Castlevania before finally fighting Dracula.

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