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Harmony of Dissonance: Foreign Release Info

For some bizarre reason, even though the Japanese version displayed the area names in English, they decided to change them around in the overseas release. Here's what was changed:

American Japanese
The Wailing Way Approach of Deplore
Castle Top Floor Castle Tower
Shrine of Apostates Heretic's Grave
Chapel of Dissonance Chapel of a Heretic
Sky Walkway Corridor in the Sky
Luminous Cavern Moss Grown Cave
Aqueduct of Dragons Waterway of Aquatic

There were some references to old Castlevania games that were removed - the item known as "Christopher's Soul" was changed to "Bullet Tip" (it lets you throw fireballs from your whip, like the old Gameboy games) and "Sypha's Crystal" was mistranslated as "Cipher's Charm".

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