Here's a fairly decent Castlevania clone for Windows 95 called simply Vampire. This is the latest, version 0.4.

Use the 'Z' and 'X' to attack and jump, and the arrows keys to control your characters. I don't know if this is a demo or not, but there's no sound (I usually end up playing a Castlevania MIDI in the background to add to the mood.) Check out the Sprite Homepage, which made this game and other cool ones!

Download it (1.1 MB)

It actually runs OK on my 486DX4, so you needn't worry about your system. Just run the EXE program and it'll set up automatically. When you run it, pick the button on top to run the game (there's a couple other options to choose screen resolution and frame skipping... it's just funky looking because it's intended to be in Japanese.)

Thanks to Fabio Parri for finding this and pointing it out!!

Castle Quest

This is the first Castlevania clone I've seen that works very well and isn't in any near unplayable alpha stage. Most of the graphics come from CV2, though a couple of sprites are ripped from other places. It controls very well, and even has whip upgrades, a variety of special weapons, 10 stages, some nice Castlevania music and even a boss life meter. If you know something about C, you can download the source code from their homepage and modify it yourself.

Download Castle Quest

Castle Quest Homepage

Dracula's Shadow

From The Creator, designer and programmer of Castle Quest comes a remake of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. Included are newly designed areas, better graphics, new sound, more characters and several other goodies!

Download Dracula's Shadow

Dracula's Shadow Homepage

Ieyasu's CV Game

This was sent to me by a Japanese fan named Ieyasu. This new version will work on computers without the need for a Japanese font, though it requires Direct X 7 or above to work properly. It's interesting, but EXTREMELY difficult. Worth the download though.

Download Ieyasu's Castlevania Game

Ieyasu's Home Page

Castlevania NES Remake (Untitled)

A cool remake of the original Castlevania with some slightly enhanced graphics and even better control!

Download CV Remake for Windows


Castlevania: Dark Millenium

RPG Maker for the PC has spawned quite a few ideas for Castlevania RPGs, one of which is Dark Millenium. However, I never got the blasted program working, so the best I can do is point you to the homepage with another RPG to grab, and the file itself. Good luck!

Download Castlevania: Dark Millenium

Castlevania: Rivalries

Once again, I never got RPG Maker 2000 working right, but here's a screenshot, link and files to play with!

Download Castlevania: Rivalries

Castlevania: Rivalries Homepage

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