Kid Dracula (1993)

Platform: Nintendo Gameboy
Stages: 6

American Version

Japanese Version

Like many Gameboy ports of NES games, Kid Dracula is more of a remix of the Famicom version than a true sequel - which is pretty negligible, considering the original never saw the light of day outside of Japan. No matter. The basic concept is the same - take on the role of a cute little super deformed Dracula (Alucard?) and take down the evil monster Galamoth.

Many of the levels are similar in concept to its predecessor - including the clock tower Castlevania 3 homage and the roller coaster race in the air. However, some new levels and enemies have been mixed in, including a ridiculous little Jason parody, who attacks with an axe and a shotgun. The mini-games have also changed, which makes gaining extra lives much easier.

As noted in the Famicom game section, this is closer in gameplay to Mega Man than Castlevania, but don't let that stop you in case you ever come across it - Kid Dracula makes the translation to the small screen much better than the original three Castlevania games.

Boku Dracula-kun Artwork

American Cartridge
Japanese Cartridge
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