Castlevania Resurrection (Cancelled)

Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Stages: 6?

Originally intended to be a launch title for the Dreamcast in America, Castlevania: Resurrection was delayed until March, then until later that year. Finally, in March of 2000, Konami let the axe fall on Castlevania's foray onto Sega's new system. All that remains in this section is whatever info was available for the game was canned. But why was it cancelled?

There were very early rumors that the game wasn't turning out very well. However, according to art director Greg Orduyan, the game was simply cancelled due to Konami's lack of faith in the Dreamcast platform - CV: Resurrection was canned the same day that Sony gave a firm announcement about the PS2.

A fully 3D game, the story was to be set in 1666 (the year of the great London fires, also convenient because of the triple sixes). The stars are Sonia Belmont, the "origin" of the Belmont power last seen in Castlevania Legends on the Gameboy, and Victor Belmont, a vampire killer from the 1800s that looks remarkably like Tim Curry. So how does that make sense? Simple - time travel. Apparently these two Belmonts were summoned to take care of the evil that a new Countess is trying to bring into the world. The storyline:

"The year is 1666. Dracula has returned to threaten the mortal world! Summoning all of the power of Hell, the dark countess of Castlevania has created a portal allowing Dracula to re-enter the material plane. Accompanied by foul creatures of the nether world anxious to do their bidding, Dracula and his lover intend to join forces with the goal of final victory over the Belmonts and absolute dominion of the world! Their actions, however, have not gone un-noticed...

The twisting of reality by the Countess has upset the balance between good and evil, creating a rift that will ultimately plunge the mortal world into eternal chaos unless it can be sealed! To counter this, the forces of light decide to turn this power back summoning heroes from the Belmont clan from the very halls of time.... One from the from the future!

The powers of light summon SONIA BELMONT; legendary Belmont heroine drawn from the past and well suited to stand, not just against the sinister wiles of the Countess, but Count Dracula himself! Sonia has already been successful in defeating Dracula in the past. Can she defeat the combined power of both vampires?

From the future of the 1800's, the powers of light summon VICTOR BELMONT! A wandering gambler and soldier of fortune, Victor chose not to accept the Belmont legacy as a Vampire hunter by running away from home at an early age. During his travels, Victor learned not just the art, but the science of warfare, all the while attempting to avoid his true destiny in the petty politics of 19th century Europe. But the blood of the Belmont clan cannot be ignored forever, and Victor would eventually return to the land of his birth, a rebel and outcast. It is here that Victor is given the quest by the guardian of light to prove himself worthy of the name Belmont by battling Dracula and his evil mistress!"

Unlike the Nintendo 64 incarnations, the focus was not to be on exploration or platforming - rather, it's intended to be fully action oriented. They're aiming for the classic old-school Castlevania game that manifested itself perfectly in the PC Engine version of Dracula X. Though its said to have only five or six stages, they are supposed to be fairly long. The camera controls and aiming system is also said to be completly revamped.

While a playable version was apparently shown to the press, no one outside has played it and can comment on the Castlevania that never was. However, music in MP3 format was released by the developers, so you can at least hear what the game was supposed to sound like.

Most of this media was grabbed from either Videogamespot, IGN, Greg Orduyan's page (the art director) or Jenny Cheng's (the 3D artist) website.

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Resurrection Movies

IGN Preview Clip
Full Intro Thanks to Ricardo Fuentes!
Opening (Draft)
Sonia (Draft)
Victor (Draft)

Resurrection Artwork

Sonia Belmont
Victor Belmont
Transformed Dracula Rendering
Dracula Rendering
Werewolf Rendering
Dancing Ghosts Rendering
Sonia and Victor
Early Character Design
Early Character Design (Sonia)
Enemy Designs
Sonia Belmont Rendering
Female Dracula Rendering
Level Rendering 1
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Sonia and Victor
Early Character Design (Sonia)
Enemy Designs
Castle Courtyard

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