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Stage 1 - Hidden Level

Near the middle of the stage, after descending the stairs, whip the bricks on the left to reveal a hidden passage. Make your way underground, and you'll fight the serpent boss, which will then lead to Stage 2'.

Stage 2 - Finding Maria

When being chased by the Behemoth, make sure to whip all of the candles. You'll find a key in one of them. Keep this until you go through the door and go underground to the sewers. Use the key on the locked door and you'll find Maria inside.

Stage 2 - Alternate Route/Hidden Level

When you're being chased by the behemoth, you'll notice several pits in the ground. Normal Castlevania logic would dictate that you'd fall to your death, but here, you'll find a sewer area that will eventually lead to the fight with the Bone Golem and the way to stage 3'. However, a few of the pits will still send you to your death in the murky waters. Fall inside the first hole and you'll be safe.

Stage 2' - Alternate Route

Pay special attention to the picture above. Jump down the hole to Maria's right and instead of landing in the water, you'll be saved by the boatman. He'll take your across, but you'll have to defend yourself against mermen. You'll be able to skip the boss and go straight to level 3'.

Stage 2' - Hidden Level

Once again, check out the pictures above. Fall down the pit (you know you reached the right one when the sun goes down and the level becomes dark) and you'll be on your way to fight the Bone Golem. Alternatively, you can reach this section with Maria. Before you go upstairs to this section, she can double-jump across the water.

Stage 3 - Alternate Route

Once again, the pits in this level will send you to the chapel basement, rather than killing you. The first opportunity uou get to drop down is by the flying Medusa heads. Unfortunately, this also keeps you from finding the hidden level exit.

Stage 3' - Hidden Goodies

At the beginning of the stage, you'll notice the grave stone on top of the hill (this one won't come alive like much of the others.) Push it and you'll sink into the ground, where you can find all of the weapons and a 1-up.

Stage 3' - Saving Tera

When you reach the first door, head below it and destroy the block. When you go into the next screen, that stack of wood is actually a staircase. Head down and you'll find Tera (alternatively, if you've already saved Tera, you'll find some monsters.)

Stage 3' - Hidden Level

In the second area, you'll notice an opening in the ground you can't reach. Climb up the stairs and hit the rope on the metal balls so they fall. One of them will break the earth, letting you go underground, where you'll fight the Dogether.

Secrets Page 1 - Secrets Page 2

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