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Opening to Rondo of Blood

(The intro is in German, with Japanese subtitles)

In the good old days,
people only knew peace and prosperity.
But no one thought that perhaps, the days of unease would not come to an end.
Behind prosperity and peace,
There is invariably evil.
Those who would reject the people's prosperity,
and corrupt the peace.
Those who would resurrect the powers of darkness,
and recreate this corrupted world have gathered.
With arbitrary smiles,
they eagerly await the recreation.
One hundred years later,
the evil one is again reborn.
Primarily preferring to act in the night.
He can alter his form into a bat, wolf and turn into fog.
He sucks the blood of young women,
to preserve his eternal life.
Master of Demon Castle,
god of malice,
Count Dracula has returned.

Demon Castle Dracula X

(Richter grabs his whip and sets off to town, where it is being terrorized by skeletons and rock monsters. Richter equips himself, smashes the skull of a nearby skeletons, then when he realizes he's surrounded, uses the cross Item Crash. Then the game's first level, the Prologue, begins.)

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