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Super Castlevania IV: Foreign Release Info

American Version Japanese Version

Super Castlevania IV is simply known as Akumajo Dracula for the Super Famicom (I don't know how they differentiate between this and the original, but this is probably more evidence that it was intended to be a remake of the first game.) The cross on the tombstone at the beginning of the game was also removed, for fear that people would be offended by lightning destroying the icon. Also, the name "Dracura" is visible in the Japanese version, but is merely a smudge in the American one.

There was also another censorship issue...the statues in level 6 were originally topless, but a toga was added for American release (why they changed this and not the nude Medusa is beyond me.) The font used in menus and the status bar is entirely different (I like the Japanese one better).

There there is the gore. The opening logo drips blood. All of that green slime in level 8 was original red, and even bits of gore were cleaned off the spikes in the English release. Cryptically enough, the tears of the crying eyeball thing are still red. Go figure.

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