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Maria's Weapons

Maria's Doves

Maria's regular attack is to throw out doves that fly forward a small distance then return. Maria can throw out two at once. Despite how lame this sounds, they're actually very powerful, and more versatile than Richter's whip.

Maria also has a weird special attack - press Up, Down, Down-Forward+Attack to send out a projection of Maria that will pummel bad guys. This is entitled Maria's Secret in the Technic menu.



Replacing the dagger, Maria throws two birds at upward angles.

As an item crash, Maria summons a phoenix to do damage to everything on the screen.



Maria will unleash a little cat to run across the floor. It's quite tenacious and can attack three times before disappearing. This replaces the axe.

When used as an item crash, Maria summons a tiger to ride on, and attacks the top and bottom of the screen.



Maria throws the dragon right above her head, then it darts forward with quick speed. This will replace the cross.

This item crash requires 50 hearts - a dragon will wipe the screen clear of enemies.



A purely defensive weapon, Maria hides underneath a turtle shell. This replaces the holy water.

As an item crash, Maria will summon a demonic turtle to hunt down and crash towards an onscreen enemy.



Maria will toss an egg on the ground. When it hatches after a second, a flock of birds will fly straight up. This replaces the stopwatch.

As an item crash, Maria will hold up the egg in her hand, which will hatch and send several birds flying into the air.


Music Book

Maria sends music notes straight forward to attack bad guys. Weird but effective. This replaces the bible.

As an item crash, the musical notes will float to the top of the screen and do damage to any enemy near it. It will also stay on the screen for a few seconds.

Haunted Castle Weapons


The mace is simply an upgrade of the whip.


One of the only times a Belmont wields a sword, this is the third level of powerup. Needless to say, if you don't have this weapon by the final levels then you are screwed.


The flame-on-a-stick is thrown in front of you and burns for a few seconds. Just like holy water.


The bomb is also tossed at short range, but explodes very quickly.


This, the crappiest boomerang ever, doesn't even bother to make a return trip.


The cross is by far the best secondary weapon in the game - it shoots out little beams that do quite a lot of damage.

Castlevania 2 Weapons


The regular dagger is quite a useful weapon, especially since it won't consume hearts.

Silver Dagger

The Silver Dagger is another dagger found only in Castlevania 2. It travels the distance of the entire screen, unlike the short range of the normal dagger. It will also travel straight through enemies until it reaches the edge of the screen. This weapon, however, will take away hearts. Don't ask why it's golden and not silver, it is a mystery for the ages.

Gold Dagger

The Golden Dagger is yet another dagger weapon in Castlevania 2. It travels the length of the screen, like the Silver Knife, but does not travel through enemies. Instead, whenever it hits an enemy, it creates a small flame burst that will burn the enemies from the inside. Very powerful when fighting strong enemies that require many hits. However, it uses up two hearts each time thrown.

Holy Water

The Holy Water can still harm enemies, but it doesn't burn anymore. Instead, it serves more to break certain bricks and look for hidden traps.


Laurels are some sort of herb that will give Simon invincibility for a seconds. These much be purchased individually.


Although garlic is more often used to get certain items in Castlevania 2, it can also be used as a weapon. Once dropped, it will stay on the screen until you leave. An enemy that comes close to the garlic will be trapped, unable to escape, and will remain there until it perishes. Very useful for killing large numbers of charging enemies and gathering hearts. Unlike other weapons, garlic does not take up hearts ... they must be bought in bushels from townspeople.


The crystal is tossed at a downward angle, it will ricochet off floors and walls, doing quite a bit damage.

Magic Flame

The magic flame is an item found in Castlevania 2. It acts much like Holy Water does in other games, except that flames rise out of it vertically. A good substitute for Holy Water in Simon's Quest, since the water is only really useful for breaking blocks.

Castlevania 3 Attacks

Grant's Dagger

Grant's dagger attack is very short range but quick.

Alucard's Fireballs

Alucard tosses "Balls of Destruction" as his weapon. They travel pretty far, although they don't inflict much damage. You can power them up to shoot in three directions.

Sypha's Staff

Sypha's main weapon is a really, really, really weak staff with no range. Bleh.

Flame Spell

This is better. The flame spell replaces both the dagger and axe, so you'll come across it very often. It has fairly decent range, and is quite a bit more powerful than Trevor's whip. Just watch your hearts.

Ice Spell

The ice spell is awesome. Six small crystals are shot out, freezing anything they come in contact with. If you attack an enemy before it defrosts, it'll kill it instantly. This replaces the holy water.

Lightning Spell

This is the lightning spell, although I don't know how those blue balls are supposed to be lightning bolts. In any case, three of them are shot out and will track down enemies.

Bloodlines Attacks


The Lecarde spear is Eric's choice of weapon in Bloodlines (note that it's called the Alucard Spear in the Japanese version.) The spear is best used for stabbing, although if you hold down the button and press left and right, Eric will twirl it out. At it highest level, it will pulsate with green flame.

Eric can also use the spear to polevault. What's more, he's invincible when he does this.

Castlevania Legends Soul Powers

Wind Soul

The Wind Soul Power is obtained by Sonia after defeating the first level boss. Much like the Stop Watch, it will stop time for a few seconds leaving enemies vulnerable. It uses five hearts.

Ice Soul

Sonia will find the Ice Soul Power after completing level 2. When used it will fill your life meter to max (don't ask me what this has to do with ice power.) This uses twenty hearts however.

Flame Soul

After beating the third level Sonia will find the Flame Soul Power. Using five hearts, the Flame Soul Power will damage everything on the screen, although it doesn't seem to work on bosses.

Saint Soul

When the fourth level in Legends is completed Sonia will find the Saint Soul power. Using up one heart, Sonia will fire a strong burst of energy from her whip (much more powerful than the normal flame whip attack.)

Magic Soul

This soul power can only be found in the hidden level. The Magic Soul Power is essentially the same as the Fire power, but it will automatically destroy everything on the screen instead of damaging them. It uses five hearts and won't work on bosses either.

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