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Enchanted Pillars
Found in: Castlevania Bloodlines

The evil of the Enchanted Pillar appears from the illusion of two faces making a vase shape, its pillar. It also has an extremely large amount of evil energy flowing through it. The two bearded spirit faces, which form from it, will spit out rebounding energy balls to do damage. The pillar will also fade in and out of existence when the spirits are attacking. When the column fades back in, attack swiftly. Once done enough, the pillar will crumble and the evil power banished.

The Executioner
Found in: Castlevania Legends

The Executioner (no, it's not the name of a bad wrestler!) guards the halls in the secret level of Castlevania Legends. Wearing a mask and carrying an axe, this guy is surprisingly speedy for a chap this size. His axe swings are very powerful and his jumps unpredictable, so it could take a bit of pracitce to bring this oaf down.

Flame Elemental
Found in: Castlevania Lament of Innocence

This horned creature is one of hidden subbosses from Lament of Innocence, who guards the fire whip.

The Forgotten One

Found in: Castlevania Lament of Innocence

A hulking, bloody monstronsity, The Forgotten One is undoubtedly one of the reasons why Lament of Innocence got an M rating. This hidden creature is fought in three different stages, and is one of the hardest battles in the game. Win, and you'll get the Black Orb.

Frankenstein's Monster

Found in: Castlevania 1, 3, 4, Bloodlines, Dracula X Duo, Symphony of the Night, Haunted Castle, Chronicles

The scientist Victor Frankenstein decided that it would be his task in life to reanimate the dead. The result is this poor monstrosity, who has been influenced through the dark powers of Dracula. The monster has power beyond all known humans, but is rather slow and bulky. In Castlevania 1 (pictured right), he doesn't really do a whole lot outside of shooting the occasionaly fireball, but the trouble is with the invincible Igor that will bounce around the room. In Castlevania 3, he lumbers across the screen, hurling bricks and smashing the wall, causing blocks to rain down. In Super Castlevania IV, he also throws potions and can causes duplicates of himself to appear.

Frankenstein also makes an appearance in the Hard mode of Castlevania Bloodlines, where he wields a massive whip and does the usual stomping bit. He shows up in the "Nightmare Again" stage in Dracula X Duo, makes an appearance as a hammer-wielding monstrosity in Symphony, and a chained maniac in Haunted Castle. Although not a boss, he also shows up in Circle of the Moon as a regular bad guy named "Franken" and wielding a large chain in Chronicles (pictured right).

Found in: Kid Dracula, Symphony of the Night

Galamoth is actually the boss of Kid Dracula for the Famicom and the Game Boy, although he appears in Symphony of the Night without the cutesy demeanor. It bears a slight resemblance to the dinosaur Styracosaurus, a horned dinosaur with a neck frill adorned with horns pointing backwards. Galamoth is one of the nastiest bosses in the game, found in the Floating Catacombs. In addition to dodging his humoungous legs, he zaps lightning out of his magic rod, surely obliterating you unless you've got some sort of Lightning protection. He also shoots out dark magical spheres that have a limited range, so they can be dodged if you stay at the extremes of the screen. It may be me, but Galamoth's garb looks Egyptian, and it looks like he got that skirt of Mum-Ra from Thundercats!

Found in: Super Castlevania 4, Symphony of the Night

The Gaibon is a hellish gargoyle, what successes the Leviathan in CastleVania 3, gifted with the leathery wings of a bat. In addition to swooping down on enemies, they shoot fireballs at attackers and can land with a THUD, causing rocks to fall from above. Once their life power is diminished beyond a certain level, then their body temperature will ignite, and cause their flesh to take on a red-hot color. They will then attack with even more fire and ferocity than before. Gaibons are often paired with a Slogra , Dracula knows that the air and ground coverage would make for a great offense. Later on, each can be killed with 3 swipes from the Alucard Sword in Symphony.

The Gardener
Found in: Castlevania 64

When you see the Gardener in the hedge maze, RUN. RUN RUN RUN. It'll attack ferociously with a chainsaw. It also bears a suspicious resemblance to the Frankenstein monster. Oddly enough, this image (taken from Konami's official Castlevania 64 page) is also the original design of Corler, the shotgun wielding playable character that was dropped from the game.

Gear Monster
Found in: Castlevania Bloodlines

Certainly one of the most bizarre enemies ever encountered in a Castlevania game, the Gear Monster is nothing more than a playful variety of cogs and gears bound together with the power of evil magic. It's weak point in the floating nucleus that lies inside of the creature. It can contort its "body" to many things, including turning itself into a dog, expanding and contracting at will, and flying around the area with the greatest of ease. It will also throw excess gears from its persona as well.

Giant Merman
Found in: Harmony of Dissonance

It's a merman,'s BIG! It spins around the screen, summons water waves across the floor and occasionally calls regular-sized merman into the fray to to its dirty bidding.

Giant Skeleton
Found in: Castlevania 64, Aria of Sorrow

A gigantic skeleton wielding a bone, this is one of the first enemies you'll face in Castlevania 64. Attack it enough and eventually it'll begin falling apart and crawling after you. In Aria of Sorrow (known as the Creaking Skull), it already comes pre-broken with no lower-body, so it pretty much remains stationary, trying to hit you with its bone and breathing fireballs.

Found in: Castlevania Adventure

Appearing as the main boss in level 1 of the first Castlevania Gameboy game, Gobanz will also appear a few times as a guard in the final level. This huge monster encased in heavy armor wields a deadly arrow shaped blade that is slung usually downward. Don't think you can attack from above either, because he will throw his weapon to guard himself. Telling from the lack of neck, it is perhaps Rock Doll alpha test.


Found in: Castlevania Bloodlines, Harmony of Dissonance, Lament of Innocence

The Golem is an incredibly tall rock monster with the single eye characteristic similar to the Cyclops. His weak point is his red eye at the top of his body...however this place is out of reach of most attacks. The only way to get close enough is to destroy the rock sections of his body. This will lower him to the ground, and leave the Golem open to attack. Being made of rock, he uses the classic Castlevania maneuver of making bricks fall from the ceiling, and also uses his extended limb to punch. The golem in Harmony of Dissonance isn't much different, except for the ball/chain for an arm. He also appears in 3D in Lament of Innocence. All of them have the same thing in common - the red weak point that lies within its rock body.

There are also several varieties of golems encountered throughout the games, including the Big Golem from Aria of Sorrow and the Iron Golem from Circle of the Moon.

Granfalloon (see Legion)

Great Armor

Found in: Aria of Sorrow Not much different than the Living Armor found in Harmony of Dissonance, except this guy has a shield - therefore, you must either hit him in the helmet or use some weapon that can penetrate it. The description says that it is "built out of the corpses of great warriors." You'll find dark-armored versions of these guys in the Top Floor, except called Final Guards.

Guardian Skeleton
Found in: Symphony of the Night (Saturn only)

A "boss" exclusive to the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night, you'll fight this scary skeleton at the end of the Garden area. He'll charge back and forth, and attack with laser beams.

Found in: Aria of Sorrow

This weird monster has no head - so it steals other heads from its mantlepiece and takes on their form. The first phase, which looks oddly like Carmilla from Circle of the Moon, simply attacks with a dagger. The second phase takes on the form of an old magician, whill fly around the screen and attack with both fire and lightning. The third phase will turn the creature into a lizard, who crawls on the ceiling and attacks with its tongue.

The Hellhound
Found in: Castlevania Bloodlines

The Hellhound is appointed the guard dog of Castlevania. Many times larger than a normal wolf, and rotting from the hindquarters back, Additionally, when cornered face to face, it can breathe fire from its mouth like a dragon, and howl to break any nearby windows, the shards of which may cut you.

Hell Gargoyle

Found in: Castlevania Bloodlines

Bartley's guard at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this creature is the hellish incarnation of the stone creatures. Circling the top of the tower, it can be very hard to hit the Gargoyle, not mentioning the fact that he's also very fast. His extremely long tail can be used to whip and slice Eric or John, and can also throw thorns from his tail. If that's not enough, he can also pounce and land on his opponent, crushing them. Since the Gargoyle spends much of its time in the air, it is easy to attack it with some of sort of long reaching weapon.

Found in: Symphony of the Night

This Hippogryph is a combination of a horse, a lion, and a bird. In addition to charging around the area (either by running or flying) the Hippogyrph can breath fire from its mouth when it has landed. It will also periodically lay little eggs that will create small creatures to hinder your fighting, if not destroyed.

Ice Elemental
Found in: Castlevania Lament of Innocence

Another one of the elemental subbosses to be found.

Ice Magician
Found in: Castlevania Chronicles

Found in the third level of Chronicles, the ice magician floats out of reach most of the time, but conveniently summons parts of the floor to shoot up towards the sky, allowing you to jump off and attack him. He also will summon a green monster to breath fire over the room, and use a magic spell to slow Simon to a crawl.

Iron Doll
Found in: Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge

At first appearing extremely sluggish, the Iron Doll guards the end of the Rock Castle. After dodging this slow mover and sword, get in several hits, and the Iron Doll will shed its armor. The head pops up from a relieved neck and now, Rock Doll can now attack in full force with the sword shooting energy waves your way! Given the Iron Doll's look, it is possible that it is one of the Dinosaur Knights related to the Slogra.

Iron Golem
Found in: Circle of the Moon

The Iron Golem, found in the Clockwork Tower, pounds the ground and causes debris to fall from the ceiling. Not a terribly difficult nor interesting boss.

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