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Sea Serpent
Found in: Dracula X SNES and Duo, Legacy of Darkness

Guarding the bridges in Dracula X and patrolling the foggy lake in Legacy of Darkness, the Serpent is a very slimy and difficult creature. Jumping out of the water, it can easily catch any vampire hunter off guard. Periodically, it will raise its head and most of its body out of the water to attack with water blasts, which is the best time to hit its weak spot (obviously being the head.) The evil Serpent will then coil itself around the bridge, making it hard to avoid the spiny scales on the body of the creature. It will repeat all of these attacks in a pattern; learn how to deal with them and the Serpent will surely perish at your soon to be slimy, smelly hands.

Security Crystal

Found in: Castlevania 64, Legacy of Darkness

The Security Crystal encompasses a whole room, armed with lasers and a variety of other machines guns. The crystal is actually the weak point, and getting past its defenses is the only way to take down this guardian.


Found in: Harmony of Dissonance

The shadow is what has haunted poor Maxim, and takes on a variety of forms, including a lightning-quick panther, a gigantic swinging sword, and a moth much like the Queen of Moss from Bloodlines.

Sir Grakul's Armor
Found in: Super Castlevania 4

Sir Grakul was one of Dracula's most trusted knights. An unknown person defeated him and his suit was put on display in Castlevania's Library. Guarding the end of the Library in Super Castlevania 4, the enchanted suit of armor belonging to the long-dead knight will dramatically break out its glass case to do battle. Armed with both a throwing axe and a sword, the armor will attack relentlessly, if a bit slowly. Be wary, he can hit the ground with his axe and cause fire to race across the ground. This might even be the Supreme Axe Knight!

Skeleton Dragon
Found in: Castlevania Chronicles

Found at the end of the second level, this undead dragon will primarily attack with fireballs - although it will occasionally throw you off by hitting your raft with its tail. Take caution or you'll fall off.

Skull Knight

Found in: Castlevania 3, Harmony of Dissonance

The Skull Knight is the leader of any given battalion of giant skeleton warriors. Brandishing a short sword and leather shield, the Skull Knight and created from a skeletons of a many a mythical monster, it is a fearsome creature indeed. You'll first find these in Castlevania 3. The highest form of the Skull Knights, the Skull Knight Lord has a strange quirk about him. When hit, he will replicate bones, they will fly out, and they will search for their target. Slow and none too bright, the ferocity replaces intelligence, a Skull Knight can be defeated with relative ease by a true whip master. The Harmony of Dissonance version has a transporting dash, and will also shoot out lasers from its chest when it is disarmed.

Skull Sorceress
Found in: Dracula X SNES

This evil witch rides on top of a living skull. With hair of flames, she can command her skull to swoop around the clock tower at lightning speed. The eyeballs of the skull will also detach from its sockets and casts a variety of magic on attackers (like firing lightning bolts similar to a weather cloud.) They cannot be destroyed, and will return back into their place when their bidding is done. The witch is actually Annette Renard under the control of Dracula.

The basis of this boss is most likely a combination of Carmilla and Shaft (two bosses from the Duo Dracula X that didn't make it into the SNES version), added together with the level four boss in the Konami shoot-em-up Life Force (a gigantic skull that spits bullets and sends its eyes to attack.)

Found in: Super Castlevania 4, Symphony of the Night, Dawn of Sorrow

The Slogra is a bizarre mixture indeed. By combining the skeletal bodies of a Pterodactyl and a Coelophysis, Dracula has created this abomination (also aptly named The Dinosaur Knight). Slogra attacks with his enchanted trident, much like Eric's Alcarde (or maybe he's a Slogra fan who wanted to be like him) that can shoot fireballs which usually flash in mid flight. When hit, he will leap up in the air and come down on his prey. Remember this rhyme: Where you stand, it will land! The spear can be knocked out of his hand, but Slogra becomes a more vile, powerful opponent when done so. In Japan, the Slogra is known as the Berigan. You'll fight him with the Gaibon in Symphony of the Night, and he shows up as a regular bad guy in Dawn of Sorrow. You can even throw spears with his soul.

Spider Woman
Found in: Legacy of Darkness

Found at the end of the Tunnel, the spider queen can pull you in with her web and drain your life immediately, and also attacks with smaller webbed creatures. After sustaining enough damage, she'll start attacking with her limbs and spit poison.

Stained Glass Knight
Found in: Haunted Castle, Chronicles, Castlevania 64

This creation will burst from the shardes of stained glass windows and attack with its swords. It's a minor enemy in the chapel level of Chronicles, where it will also throw shards directly at Simon, and as fairly simple peon enemies in the Villa of Castlevania 64.

Found in: Harmony of Dissonance

This is the creation that chases you at the beginning of the game, although it hardly inspires fear despite its massive size. Just attack its ankle and watch out from being cornered. Yet another example of how the bosses in Harmony were more a tech demo on the power of the Gameboy Advance and not anything resembling actual gameplay.

Vampire Bat

Found in: Castlevania 1, 3, Dracula X SNES and Duo, Chronicles, Harmony of Dissonance

Vampire bats are roughly six times the size of a normal bat found throughout Castlevania. Although it's main attack is to simply fly around the screen and occasionally swoop straight toward its foe, it has been known to shoot fireballs. Some breeds can split into multiple, smaller bats when hit. Not too hazardous, especially if an axe or holy water is at hand. Finally, in Dracula X Duo, it can curl into a drill and bury itself in the ground for a few seconds, and this same pattern is duplicated in Harmony of Dissonance. Commonly known as the Phantom Bat or Myotia.

Undead Parasite
Found in: Lament of Innocence

The Undead Parasite actually occupies an entire room. Its weak points are four eyes scattered throughout the room - once these are destoyed, the nucleus must be attacked for it to be destroyed. Its defenses include a huge fire breathing dragon and the ability to create vomiting zombies.

Water Magician
Found in: Castlevania Bloodlines

A guardian of the Atlantis Shrine, the Water Magician controls an orb that will cause rain to fall and flood the area. If not defeated fast enough, the water level can become so high as to drown its enemy. When attacked, he will transport to the other side of the arena...if not attacked fast enough, he will likewise teleport. If quickly defeated, he will not pose much of a hazard.


Found in: Castlevania N64

In the Dual Tower in the N64 games, you'll find many anthropomorphic versions of fierce creates: Were-bulls, Were-tigers, Were-cougars and Were-jaguars. They're fast and ferocious, but the usual dodge-and-strike patterns will take them down.

Found in: Dracula X SNES and Duo, Symphony of the Night

According to legend, people become werewolves when bitten by another werewolf. When a full moon comes out, the human changes form into that of this monster. Extremely fast and difficult to hit, this werewolf can climb walls and ceilings. He can lunge and claw at its opponent, as well is curling into a razorblade and flying around the screen. If that weren't enough, he also has sharp claws that send out a small burst of fire. Silver bullets are the only things that are supposed to kill werewolves, but Richter's metal chain whip and holy weapons will do just as well. Also known as the Lypuston, which most likely comes from the Lupine family, meaning wolf. One more thing, notice how this Werewolf has all the moves of your wolf form in Altered Beast! In Altered Beast, you punch out fireballs, and as a kick, you turn into a darting fire arrow to move the other side of the area!

White Dragons
Found in: Castlevania 64

A larger version of the usual skeleton dragons in the Castlevania games, these are wrapped around the wheels that open the gate to the castle. They move around quickly and shoot fireballs, but will leave behind quite the bounty when you kill them.

Found in: Dracula X Duo

The Wyvern is actually similar to a dragon. Although big in size, this particular wyvern is not very powerful. In addition to flying around the screen and swooping down, it will also breath fire. Despite its nasty look, it is no more difficult than the Vampire Bat at the end of the first level in Castlevania 1.

Zapf Bat
Found in: Super Castlevania 4

The Zapf Bat is actually very similar to the kind of Vampire Bats found in Castlevania 3. Made entirely of gold coins and jewels, the Zapf Bat will fly around, dropping coins and other heavy materials on Simon. It will also do a swooping charge. When hit enough times, the Zapf Bat will divide into three smaller bats, then again, until all of the coins have been destroyed. A very odd creature indeed.

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