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Ending of Castlevania

(The view is from a cliff not far from the castle. The castle crumbles to the ground, and the credits role. Notice that most of these are plays off of real people, like Bram Stoker, Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, and Boris Karloff.)

Produced by Konami
Directed by Trans Fishers
Screenplay by Vram Stoker
Music by James Banana

The Cast
Dracula: Christopher Bee
Death: Belo Lugosi
Frankenstein: Boris Karloffice
Mummy Man: Love Chaney Jr.
Medusa: Barber Sherry
Vampire Bat: Mix Schrecks
Hunch Back: Love Chaney
Fish Man: Green Stranger
Armor: Cafebar Read
Skeleton: Andre Moral
Zombie: Jone Candies
And the Hero Simon Belmondo
You played the greatest role in this story.
Thank you for playing.

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