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Level 1: Entrance

The classic first level to Castlevania. Starting off outside the castle in the courtyard, you enter in and find the white marble entrance halls. Zombies and evil panthers roam these areas, although they won't put up a big fight. After a quick dip down into the moat, you are taken to the end of the level where a vampire bat awaits you. The infamous Vampire Killer theme song is played throughout this level.

Music: Vampire Killer

Level 2: The Main Hall

This area of the castle is made entirely of red bricks, which tends to be hard on the eyes. The most noteworthy part of this level is where you must dodge Medusa heads when trying to jump on moving platforms. Any misstep or missed jump will make you fall. There are also spiked ceilings to be avoided past that area (remember to duck under the second one!) At the end of the level, a bust turns into a large Medusa head.

Music: Stalker

Level 3: Crumbling Tower

The top of the first castle, much of the area seems to be crumbling and falling apart. Most of this level seems to be colored blue. If the Medusa heads were annoying before, then the crows who hamper jumping in some areas can get quite annoying. Medusa heads are also prevalent as well, so you aren't quite safe from them. The Bone Pillars (dual skull statues) are found often in this level, as are the incredibly agile jumping Igors. The end of the level brings you to fight the mummies. This level's theme is Wicked Child, one of the most understated tunes in the Castlevania line.

Music: Wicked Child

Level 4: Underground Caverns and Second Castle Entrance

After dropping through a trap door, you end up in an underground cave filled with water beneath the castle. Merman will routinely jump out of the murky depths, and more bats will hamper progress. There are a few sections where Simon must keep his balance on moving platforms. Once this short area is completed, you are taken above ground, where birds drop more Igors on you. Near the end of the section is the entrance to the second castle. This is small chamber populated with bone dragons. At the end is Frankenstein's Monster and his invincible buddy Igor.

Music: Walking on the Edge

Level 5: Dungeon and Laboratory

Once Frankenstein is defeated in the previous level, you move into the lower depths of the second castle, the dungeon. Skeletons throwing bones are most prevalent here, as are remains hanging from the wall. Axe Knights, who throw their weapons, so they are hard to avoid, make their appearance on this level. Moving further up you'll go into the laboratory, with a variety of odd scientific contraptions. Go on further and you'll find the picture display hall, filled with tons of Medusa heads and more Axe Knights to make things difficult. The insanely tough Grim Reaper inhabits the end of this level.

Music: Heart of Fire

Level 6: Clocktower

A Castlevania tradition is started with this, the first Clock Tower. After making your way across yellow-bricked bridges (and dodging more vampire bats) you are taken into the actual clock tower. This area is actually very short, even though the many birds and Igors will make your life hell. The last door leads to Dracula's chamber, where his coffin resides, and where the final battle will be fought.

Music: Out of Time

Level 7:Dracula's Chamber

Once completed with the Clock Tower Simon will enter Dracula's final chamber at the top of the castle. After climbing the steps, you will enter the room where the coffin is. A mysterious decapitated head floats from behind you, and his body forms to become Dracula. When this form is fought, Dracula will mutate into a horrible white monster to wreak havoc. When you die, you start at the beginning of this level, instead of the Clock Tower. You can also go up and down the stairs to make candles reappear, to gain hearts for the battle against the Prince of Darkness.

Music: Nothing to Lose

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