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Endings of Castlevania 2

(There are three endings, depending on how fast you beat the game. For some reason, the one where Simon dies is not the worst ending. I'm still scratching my head over that one.)

The Good Ending
(Dusk. Everything is in color. Simon again kneels by the grave.)

The encounter with Dracula is terminated. Simon Belmont has put an end to the eternal darkness in Transylvania. His blood and sweat have penetrated the earth and will incude magic and happiness for those who walk on this land.

(Screen fades. When it is dark, Dracula's hand reaches from the grave.)

Bad Ending #1
(Daytime. Everything is in color. Simon kneels by the grave of Dracula.)

Although the confrontation between Simon and Dracula has concluded, Simon couldn't survive his fatal wounds. Transylvania's only hope is a young man who will triumph over evil and rid the city of Dracula's deadly curse.

Bad Ending #2
(Black and white. Grave is alone.)

The battle has consummated. Now peace and serenity have been restored to Transylvania and the people are free of Dracula's curse forever. And you, Simon Belmont, will always be remembered for your bravery and courage.

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