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Castlevania 2: Foreign Release Info

Akumajo Dracula 2: The Accursed Seal (known here as Simon's Quest) was also released on the Famicom Disk System.) It also had a name entry function, but you could use this to save the game. Since this is a disc game, there are bits of loading in-between areas. The other major difference is the music...the game is no larger than 1 megabit, which is fairly small. With the extra space granted by a cartridge, the programmers added extra musical effects to the American versions. If you listen closely to both of them, the USA version makes excellent use of the PCM drum channel, while the Japanese disk only uses the noise channel. The instruments have also changed as well. This is one of the few examples where the American version is actually superior.

Check out samples from Dracula Best 1 to hear the Japanese version.

You can also download the NES version's MP3s to compare.

"What a horrible night to have a curse" has become a famous line. The Japanese version is "Soshite senritsu no yoru ga otozureta", which translates to "And so the shiver of the night has arrived". The other line, "The morning sun has vanquished the horrible night", is "Akumu no you na, yoru ga aketa". This translates roughly to "Like a nightmare, the night has ended." (though the word "aketa" has the additional connotation of "dawning", like a sun.)

Oddly enough, the endings are also different - they have the same graphics, but the text - written entirely in English - is very different. It's also extremely goofy - go Engrish! (Mispellings, including "Simmon Belmont", preserved for additional hilarity.) Additionally, the game tells you how long it took you to finish, and even lists some very cryptic end credits. Thanks to Morgoth Galaxius for the picture.

Good Ending:

And the battle ended. Simmon Belmont put an eternal period to the legend of Dracula. His blood and sweat penetrared into the ground of Transylvania will bring us full-blown flowers with happiness next spring.

Toast to your (1-7) days battle.

Normal Ending:

And the battle ended. But on account of the injury suffered during the battle, Simmon Belmont passed away. Untll a young man to fight against evils like him comes again to this world, Transylvanians will keep praying forever.

Toast to your (8-14) days battle.

Bad Ending:

And the battle ended. Now the peace and calm have arriced bac at Translyvania just live before. The name of the hero will be etched upon our mind deeply. His name is Simmon Belmont, that is the name of yourself.

Toast to your (15+) days battle.


Programmed with the following characteristics:
Invincibility: Akamatsu
Permanance: Iwasa
Philosophy: Togakushi
Masterpiece: Kawanishi
Sensitivity: Hatano
Excellence: Terashima
Ambivalence: Kuwahara
Flourish: Higasa
Admiration: Ohyama
Warm-Heart: Matsuoka
Superiority: Murata
Synchronism: Matsubara
Circumstance: Konami

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