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Opening to Castlevania 3

During 15th Century Europe, there lived a person named Dracula. He practived sorcery in order to create a bad world filled with evil.

He began taking over the Continent of Europe, changing countries from good to bad. The good people of Europe tried to fight off Dracula, but on one was able to survive.

Finally, the Belmont family was summoned to battle Dracula's vile forces. The Belmont family has a long histroy of fighting evil.

The townspeople became afraid of the Belmonts super-human power and asked them to leave the country. Fortunately the people found a might Belmont, called Trevor.

The curse of Dracula has begun. The fate of Europe lies with Trevor.

(After you start the game, you see a short clip of Trevor praying, lightning striking, then Trevor standing and turning around.)

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