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Block 1-01: Warakiya Village

Trevor's hometown is now under attack from Dracula's ghoulish evils! After trekking through the temple and church tower, you will work your way through the outskirts of town to the graveyard. This is where you will meet the boss, the Skull Knight. At the end of this level, you may choose to go to the Clock Tower or the Forest.

Block 2-01: Clock Tower of Untimely Death

A majority of this stage is vertically scrolling. Once you go up, if you fall, you'll die. In addition to jumping on moving gears, you'll have to contend with Medusa heads waiting to knock you off at every turn. There are also swinging pendulums to cross. At the top of the tower is the ghost of Grant DaNasty. Once he is beaten, the bridge to Castlevania will crumble...forcing your party to go back down the tower. Just watch that you don't fall on spikes on the way down. You'll end up part-way through the Forest once you exit the clock tower.

Block 3-01: Mad Forest

If you chose to go directly into this level from Warakiya Village, you'll face a small entrance with falling spike platforms. This will lead to the first part of the forest, where owls inhabit the trees (you'll automatically end up here if you took the Clock Tower route.) The mountains are misty, and there is another path to choose...either complete the level or head into the marsh. If you choose to complete the level, you'll contend with giant spiders before meeting the Cyclops. Sypha the Wizard is being held captive here, so if you win the battle, she can become your ally. You'll then board the Haunted Ship.

Block 4-01: The Murky Marsh of Morbid Morons

After a small episode above ground, you'll quickly descend into the underground caverns of the cave. Quicksand can suck you into the Great Beyond, and zounds of Mudmen and giant toads will stand in your way. A giant multiplying bat is the enemy of this level. After this level you'll decend into Alucard's cave.

Block 4-0A: The Haunted Ship of Fools

If you defeated the Cyclops you'll end up here. Formerly belonging to pirates, the old barge is rotting and filled with ghosts of the dead. Platforms that are move in midair will help the way, and you'll have to jump across the sails of the ships before meeting with the bosses: two mummies and another Cyclops. You'll go to the Haunted Tower after here.

Block 5-01: Alucard's Cave

After defeating the Murky Marsh you'll end up in these forbidden caverns. Bricks fall from the ceilings, acid drips melting away rocks, and mummies inhabit the hallways. There are also several traps and spiked platforms to prevent your progress. If you reach Alucard's chamber, you will fight him...if you are victorious, he will offer to join you. After another small area, the path splits again: finish the final part of the level, or head to the Sunken City. If you choose to stay, you'll have to fight another, more difficult Skull Knight. This path will take you to the Catacombs.

Block 5-0A: Curse Castle

This castle reminds most people of the second level from the original Castlevania due to its red brick background. Primarily vertically scrolling, you will guard yourself from skeleton gargoyle guards and run up stairs through gauntlets of skull pillars. There's even one section of the tower where the view scrolls automatically, little by little. At the top is Frankenstein. You will head onto the bridge after this level.

Block 6-01 (A): Sunken City of Poltergeists

Bearing a slight resemblance to the mysterious underwater city of Atlantis, most of this level is buried in water. After waging your way through the ruins, falling platforms and mermen, you'll fight the Bone Dragon king. Once damaged enough, he'll escape and cause the level to flood. If you hurry, you can avoid drowning, trap the Bone Dragon king and finish the level. You'll then enter the castle through the Abandoned Mines.

Block 6-01 (B): Underground Catacombs

This is where members of the deceased Tepes members spend their eternal rest, as well as the bones and spirits of those Dracula has killed. Underground rivers and several moving platforms will guide you through this level, which involves another vampire bat and Frankenstein at the end. You'll head to the mines after this level.

Block 6-0A: The Moat Bridge of Peril

The bridge to Castlevania is flooded and is the home of many mermen. You must wade across the small stream, being careful that the current not sweep you off (Sypha can freeze the water, if she is in your party.) Then you must pass across a crumbling bridges (followed by ravens, of course), and you'll find the boss of the level to be the Hydra, an underwater two headed dragon. You'll then enter the caslte courtyard.

Block 7-01: Abandoned Mines

This level is the forgetten mine shaft at the base of the castle, where gold and silver were mind to keep the Tepes family rich during their reign. Acidic substances will break down rock here and more bricks fall, making steps to higher floors. There's one particularly nasty part where you must scale a vertical mine shaft, waiting for bricks to fall and dodging. Alucard and his flying abilities are very useful here. At the end, you'll fight the Terrible Trio: mummies, the Cyclops, and the Leviathan Gargoyle. Then you'll enter the main hall.

Block 7-0A: Castle Courtyard

This area right before the castle gates is crawling with overgrown vegetation and vines. Platforms move vertically, and flying harpies will be found everywhere. After crossing some rafters and heading down another vertically scrolling area, you'll reach the Terrible Trio: mummies, a Cyclops and the Leviathan Gargoyle. Then you'll enter the main hall.

Block 8-01: The Main Hall

The two main paths converge here. Castlevania takes many forms when it appears every 100 years. This particular level is similar to the first level in the original Castlevania, only with a much different layout. Knights, skeletons, blobs and spiders are abound. Watch for another perilous bridge at the end of the level, with spikes at the bottom to await those who fail. Beyond this is Death himself, waiting for another victim.

Block 9-01: The Inner Halls

After a small outdoors sequence where harpiers and hunchbacks will harass you, you'll enter the dank dark inside of the castle. Spiked ceilings fall from the ground, and waterfalls stream through. There are more skeleton gargoyles to dodge, and another vertical scrolling area that creeps up bit by bit. At the top, you'll go through another small stream, then reach the top of the castle. You'll fight the Doppelganger here, then head to the final clock tower.

Block A-01: Dracula's Final Clock Tower

As with the original Castlevania, Dracula's chambers are found just beyond another clock tower. After descending from the top of the misty tower, you must work your way through another auto scrolling part. After crossing across a small crumblinb bridge and fighting through some skeletons, you'll jump across some more pendulums and finally go into Dracula's room. Up the stairs is the dark master and the final battle.

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