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Ending of Castlevania 64

Thanks to Mario Ciampa for all images here!

Good Ending

(Dracula dies and his castle sinks.)

Reinhart's Good Ending

Reinhardt: ...tell me. Will this struggle against Dracula never end?

A rose fall from the sky...then Rosa appears!

Rosa: Reinhardt...

They embrace...

Reinhardt: When desire rules people's hearts, evil arises and Dracula can return. The fight between Dracula and humanity is endless. I know no way to escape this struggle against evil.

Rosa: Yes...That is the fate of humanity.

Reinhardt: But we have faith in each other and we have love. That gives us hope, and the strength to fight against despair. As long as we have hope, evil can never defeat us!!

They look at the sinking castle...

Rosa: Reinhardt...

Reinhardt: Come, let's go home. Your family will be awaiting for you!

Carrie's Good Ending

Carrie is in front of a hill, with flowers...

Peasant: It's been two years since you visited your mother's grave?

Carrie: Yes.

Peasant: Are you sure you want to get down here? I'll take you up the hill.

Carrie: Thank you. This is fine. I want to walk the rest of the way.

The peasant leaves, and Carrie goes to the top of the hill, placing flowers on her mother's grave. Then she turn back and look at the sky...

Reinhart's Bad Ending

After defeating "Dracula", Reinhardt stands in...

Reinhardt: Rosa... I have avenged you... Malus!!

Malus: Is Dracula dead?

Reinhardt: Ah...

Malus: Are you sure Dracula will never return?

Reinhardt: Well...that depends on what we humans do in future.

After a while, Reinhardt starts a monologue...

Reinhardt: Dracula, prince of evil, has vanished into the dark abyss. But the sinful desires of humanity may yet allow his return. As long as I live... Nay, even after my death, the struggle will continue. This is the quest of all who inherit the blood of the Belmonts. When Dracula next returns will be long after my death, but whenever he comes, a new hero will arise to fight him.

Reinhardt: Perhaps it may even be this youth here.

Malus: What?

Reinhardt: Oh, it's nothing. Come, let's go home.

The camera zooms to the face of Malus...

Carrie's Bad Ending

After defeating "Dracula", Carrie stands in...

Carrie: Fernandez warrior. Warrior. Were you watching...Malus!

Malus: Is Dracula dead?

Carrie: Yes...

Malus: He can never come back to life again?

Carrie: Well... that surely depends upon what people do...

After a while...

Malus: Say, Carrie...when we get back to the village... will you marry me?

Carrie: What!?

Malus: Please Carrie! Do say yes.

Carrie: But, this is so sudden...

Malus: I'll make you happy, I promise.

Carrie: But we are both too young. It's far too soon to get married.

Malus: Well then, when we grow up, we'll be married?

Carrie: Hmmm... Malus, you will become a brave warrior and protect me?

Malus: Yes! Whatever happens, I'll protect you!

Carrie: Is that so? Well, I'll think about it...

Malus: No, no. You must promise now! Say you will be my bride!!

Carrie: Oh, all right. When you grow up, I will be your bride. Is that alright?

Malus: Yes. Very good. Now we have a binding contract...

Carrie: What? What did you just say?

Malus: Oh, nothing...

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