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Castlevania 64 Weirdness

Here are many screenshots of Castlevania 64 early in development. You can grab the video to see it when it was still called Dracula 3D. The music is from the Dracula Perfect Selection CD.

Early in development, there were going to be four main characters: Schneider Belmont, Carrie Fernandez, Cornell and Corler. However, Cornell and Corler were dropped from the game, and Schneider was renamed Reinhart Schneider. Cornell went on to appear in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, but Corler, a shotgun and chainsaw wielding Frankenstein-type monster, was dropped entirely. His artwork was used to create the monster that chases you in the hedge maze, and the shotgun gameplay mechanics were used in Henry's game in Legacy of Darkness. You can find pics of Corler here and here.

Here are more pre-production screenshots - notice some of the locations that are somewhat different, and Rosa looking much different. The screenshots at the bottom also show a much different lifebar. There were plenty more features planned for the game - you were supposed to be able to be turned into a vampire, and the day/night cycle would affect your characters strength. This still made it in the game, but it was just a status ailment that needed to be cured almost immediately.

One of Reinhardt's alternate costumes is Simon's old CV1 garb, and one of Carrie's is Maria Renard's old pink girly outfit.

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