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Opening to Dracula X:

Translyvania, the Middle Ages...An evil Darkness had befallen the land, giving rise to sinister vampire legends.

Until now the people of Transylvania had grown accustomed to their peaceful existence, secure in their knowledge that their famed hero, Simon Belmont, had sealed the fate of Count Dracula several hundred years prior.

Wicked townsfolk, possessed by the Darkness conspired to revive the King of Blood...Dracula, now undead, once more, plotted to exact revenge upon the escendant of the family that destroyed him... Richter Belmont.

The Prince of Evil viciously attacked the town with his unholy legion. He snatched away Richter's girlfriend, Annet, and her sister Maria. Imprisoning them in his vile castle, he lies in wait for Richter to attempt a rescue.

Richter, burdened by his destiny, left for Dracula's castle with his legendary, ancestral whip, the determination to save his loved ones and the resolve to send Dracula to eternal damnation once and for all!

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