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Finding Stage 4'

Near the end of Stage 3, you'll find an area with lots of columns, filled with medusa heads and bone pillars. If you fall down, you'll go to Stage 4 - if you make it to the end, you'll fight a boss and head to Stage 4' instead. Make sure to pick up the key at the end. You'll need to keep this all through the next level if you want to find more secrets. That means (A) no special weapons and (B) you cannot die.

Saving Maria

Just keep the key all the way through Stage 4' and use it to unlock the door and find Maria.

Finding Stage 5'

Not far after you save Maria in Stage 4', there's another door. If you've managed to keep the key this long, you can use it to enter Stage 5'.

Saving Annette

Finally, you don't have to worry about that damn key anymore. Right after the section with the rising water, you'll come across an empty room with a small waterfall. Just whip it and the room will drain. As you know by playing this game, the designers are cruel, cruel bastards and if you're not careful, you'll fall to your death. Do it right and you'll find Annette. Now you'll face the Grim Reaper at the Clock Tower instead of the demon sorceress.

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