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Level 1: The Outer Walls

Enter over the moat of the outer wall into your quest. First walk through the garden, where you can walk on either side of the fence. Explore the ruins of an old castle and a haunted stable. At the end you'll fight the skeleton knight Rowdain.

Level 2: Outer Grounds

This stage begins in the forest, as you fight against spiders, zombies, and purple hands that reach out of the ground to incapicitate you. Later in the stage you'll fight through a swamp, against flocks of crows and Medusa at the top. Finally, you'll fight against the current as you slog through the river.

Level 3: The Lake

The river leads to this mysterious underground cave. The rockmen that inhabit this area will break and form smaller golems when hit. Watch out for parts of the cave that collapse! Scale a waterfall and dodge the acid of the merman in the ruins of an underwater civilization. At the top are the Orphic Vipers.

Level 4: Spinning Tales

A level of tricks and traps. After overcoming the first section (with plenty of false floors that flip when you jump on them) and defeating the skull master Puwexil, you'll be trapped in the rotating room (no doubt created to show off the SNES's Mode 7 effects.) Just hang on the grapple in the center of the room and wait until the room rotates, just be careful of the Medusa heads that fly your way. The next area has a constantly swirling background and bricks that will fall from beneath your feet. Finally, the end of the level comprises of rising rocks that will either deliver you to the place you want to be (the boss Koranot) or head-first into spikes or a hard ceiling.

Level 5: The Courtyard

The entrance to the castle. Watch out for harpies that will drop little fleamen. Once battling through the overgrown and dying vineyard, you'll find the entrance door to the castle. The courtyard is filled with statues that bear a resemblace to vampire hunter Sypha. There is no boss here.

Level 6: The Haunted Hall

Finally, you have entered Dracula's castle. Zombie dogs and humans will attack you from all sides, and axe knights will really annoy you with their throwing weapons. Once jumping from swinging chandelier to chandelier, you'll continue to more hallways that have various dancing ghosts, strange glowing apparitions that bounce around the screen, a circle of flying coffins and even haunted tables. In some hallways, ghostly hands will try to grab you so a skeleton can attack. Just crawl under these to avoid attack. You'll fight the Dancing Ghosts at the end of the level.

Level 7: The Middle Castle

The depths of the library are very scary indeed. You must jump on floating books to get from place to place. As you descend further, you'll need to dodge spikes that come out of the ceiling and paintings that will grab onto you, rendering Simon helpless pray. Once you defeat Sir Grakul at the end of the level, a trap floor will open up leading you to the next level.

Level 8: The Dungeon

The dungeon for which this site was named for. Giant spiders and crying eyeballs will attack. Toxic goo is spread throughout the floors of the level and even drips from the ceiling. There is a large amount of spiked platforms that must be jumped over or avoided. At the end of the level you'll face Frankenstein's monster.

Level 9: The Treasury

The treasure room, the storing area of the Tepes fortune, is one of my favorite levels in the game. Undead spirits flow, adding to the spooky effect, while coffins will come alive to attack. There are windholes positioned throughout the level that will suck you in, perhaps making you lose your balance (although one of them contains a secret room.) The final boss is a Zapf Bat, a bigger version of the Phantom Bat that's made entirely out of gold and jewels.

Level A: The Clocktower

The obligatory clock tower scene of Super Castlevania 4. Jump on moving, cogs, grapple onto hooks that move in various direction via a pulley and even dodge falling gears from the top of the tower. Right in front of the clock face you'll fight the mummy boss, Akomdan.

Level B: Tower of Fiends and Dracula's Chamber

Cross over the final bridge (which collapses as soon as you walk over it) to get to Dracula's tower. Climbing it isn't easy though. The stairs will begin to drop once you set foot on them, and you must navigate floating platforms so you don't get hit on the head by spikes. To make matters worse, a spiked wheel is following you from the bottom of the tower, so be quick! You'll fight four bosses in a row here: the dinosaur creature Slogra, the gigantic bat demon Gaibon, the Grim Reaper, and finally Dracula himself.

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