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Ending of Castlevania Bloodlines

(There are three endings, depending on difficulty level. The easy ending show a second of the castle crumbling, and a message to try to harder level. The normal level lets you look at the castle longer and gives you a similar message, while the hard mode will add an extra scene.)

John Morris' Ending:

The resurrection of Dracula has been averted.

(Changes to John with whip. Bats approach, and he kills them.)

However, the blood of the vampire hunters still courses through his veins.

Eric Lecard's Ending:

The resurrection of Dracula has been averted.

(Switch to Eric walking away from spear.)

Thus, Eric has fulfilled his destiny as a vampire hunter. Now he must venture forth into greater unknowns...

Both endings, all levels:

(Credits role. All of the bosses are displayed along with their names. A message at the end of the credits will tell you to try the next highest difficulty level, uness you're already on hard mode.)

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