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Level 1: Castle Dracula, Romainia

Yet another remake of the classic first level of the original Castlevania. After venturing through the opening gate and fighting through the hallways, a Hellhound must be fought. Then, making your way through a blue bricked area (with spiked platforms and carcasses hanging from the ceiling) you'll pass through a gigantic guillotine and run across the collapsing skeleton of a long dead creature. At the end of the level is Drolta's Mecha Knight.

Level 2: Atlantis Shrine, Greece

The first section of this level takes place at sunset, where minotaurs and fishmen jump out of the ruins of the ancient city. Traverse through more ruins, where the water floods up, and you'll be challenged by the Water Mage and two Magic Suits of Armor. Then float down on rafts and fight through more of the broken city, even knocking the head of a very large statue (fun!) At the end of the level, fight the gigantic rock Golem.

Level 3: The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Making your way through the courtyard, harpies and minotaurs, who grab stone columns, will attack. The slanted hallways of the tower aren't as difficult as they may seem, and some have ridiculed the mummies hanging around. The path splits slightly depending on whether John or Eric is your character. Hop through a very wobbly section of the tower, then scale it from the outside, jumping on platforms. At the top of the tower, fight the evil Gargoyle.

Level 4: Munitions factory, Germany

In the Munitions Factory stage, you start off outside what appears to be the lake near Katz Castle in Germany.  You can see the castle off in the distance, and you fight skeletons on the outer grounds of the factory.  These skeletons appear to be wearing war helmets, perhaps from World War 1.  This stage is essentially the "Clock Tower" type stage of this game, as the factory consists of many conveyor belts, clockwork sections and pistons to maneuver our heroes through.  At the end of the stage, you fight a possessed set of sprockets called the Gear Spinner.

Level 5: Palace of Versailles, France

This level starts out in the garden of Versailles, which even include the fountain outside (which begins to pour blood and spawn skeletons when you walk pass.) The garden itself include mutated roses that cause your directions to get messed up, circles of thorns, and weird swining creatures with swords. Enter the hallway and chandeliers crash down. Again, the path splits depending on whether you control Eric or John, but you'll still end up at a long hallway filled with bizarre knights, and at the end, an enchanted pillar. At the end of the level is the Queen of Moss.

Level 6: Castle Prosperina, England

The final level takes place in Bartley's castle. After cross the bridge (and dodging the lightning beams of a flying Medusa, as well as outrunning a crumbling part of the bridge) you'll come to the hall of mirrors, where your view is distorted as you make jumps. The next area you come to is entirely upside down. You'll pass through another straight hallway (with Mecha Knights coming from all directions, attacking one at a time.) Finally you'll find Death's chamber, who forces you to hit various cards and fight dead bosses again before confronting the Grim Reaper himself. Then fight Bartley and the Count himself.

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