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Castlevania Bloodlines Weirdness

The English instruction manual for Bloodlines mentions that Eric Lecarde's weapon is the "Lecarde Spear". However, this was a mistranslation from the Japanese name - which was originally called the "Alucard Spear" (Lecarde is spelled RIKAADO, Alucard is spelled ARUKAADO.) In Castlevania 3, Alucard never used a spear, so this is a little weird. However, you can find the Alucard spear in the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night, even though it had been released some five years later. The mind boggles.

A few years ago, there was a rather bizarre auction for a "Castlevania Bloodlines" beta cartridge. There were several pictures featured, but the auctioneer wouldn't give off much information about it. The reserve was set impossibly high and apparently no one actually won the cartridge, but s/he refused to have it dumped for emulation or tell anything else about it.

Thanks to Anapan, Setzer the Gambler and Ed Oscuro, who posted these old pictures on the forums. Note some of the small differences - the Hellhound in the middle of the first level looks completely different, and there appears to be a part of the fourth level that had a blimp - something not in the final game. Also take a look at these Electronic Gaming Monthly Scans (Page 1 and Page 2) for similar pictures.

If you have any more screenshots or have anymore information, please, submit it!

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