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Ending of Castlevania Legends

(Sonia gives a big long speech to Dracula)

Dracula: Oh no! This cannot be! Me losing to a human?

Sonia: You poor man. It must be difficult to understand why you, who possess eternal life, are about to perish. Humans are granted such a previous short life in comparison to yours, but in that short time we are able to love and to live for someone else. There must have been a time when you too cherished the bonds with the ones you loved. We humans are not so foolish as to throw away all of that in exchange for the power you recevied. There is no place in this world for the likes of you. You were already defeated when you accepted the power of darkness.

Dracula: Heh heh heh heh...HA HAH HAH HAHH! Don't let it go to your head, girl. Do you really think that the likes of you can destroy me? You're a fool just as Alucard was. Listen to me. Darkness will never die out as long as there is light in the world. I am the ruler of that darkness and I will rise again and again, as long as people like you are alive. Again and again, I tell you. HAH HAH HAH!

Sonia: When that happens, someone will appear before you to take my place. If it is my fate to again be a vampire hunter, I will be ready! No, I will gladly accept that destiny. So, until your soul is saved, until all the evil desires in the world are exhaused, goodbye, ruler of evil. Good bye, o woeful Prince of Darkness.

(Castle crumbles with the typical Castlevania ending shot.)

Thus, the fear of darkness that continued to envelop the world was lifted single-handedly by a young girl. There are as many legends in the world that deserve retelling as there are stars in the night sky. But this story marks the beginning of the Belmont family legend that has been passed on through many ages. And there is not a single person now who knows when the next legendary fight between another Prince of Darkness and human will begin.

(Credits roll. If you collected all five collection items, you'll see the following sequence.)

After some time, the young girl of our legend became a mother, whose child would carry on the fate and tragedy of the Belmont family, and the bloodline of dark ways. A child burdened with a cursed fate. And tet this child, once content in the love of its mother, will also rise to fight courageously against the Prince of Darkness, who will return once again. This child who, one day will be praised by all the people as a hero--but that legend must be told another time.

(Am I the only one who possibly thinks that this baby is Trevor and that Alucard is his father? Sonya mentions her love for Alucard before she fights him, so I wouldn't doubt it. This could possibly add in the "superhuman powers" of the Belmont family that scare people. And plus Alucard is only half-vampire, the child would be quarter-vampire, so perhaps symptoms would not show. Just my thoughts.)

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