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Stage 1: The Forest

Sonia starts her journey to Dracula's castle in these haunted woods. Ghosts inhabit the trees and there are hidden pitfalls that deliver Sonia into crypts. Search for the Axe in this level and defeat the Creatures Bat at the end.

Stage 2: The Library

The entrance halls of Dracula's castle are filled with dragon statues, hideous hunchbacks and patrolling sword knights. Gigantic skulls attack when Sonia's back is turned (much like the ghosts in Super Mario Bros. 3.) Look around a bit and you'll find the Stop Watch, while the Death Dragon awaits Sonia's presence at the end of the level.

Stage 3: Clock Tower

Sonia must climb many ropes and jump on many gears to climb this hellish level. Bats swarm throughout the belfry and bizarre creatures hinder your progress by hanging on ropes and spitting fire. The third collection item is a little bit more off your path than usual this time. The Grim Reaper will confront you at the top.

Stage 4: The Inner Halls

This level is full of spiders, knights, and slime-like creatures that come up from the ground. You'll need to jump on moving ropes to avoid falling in spikes, and there a few dead-ends throughout this section (although one of them does lead to the collection item.) Alucard will test Sonia's fighting skills at the end of the level.

Stage 5: The Underground Cave

The final level takes place underground. Raging rapids can deliver you straight into stalagmites and merman will attack from the murky depths. Instead of a collection item in this level, there is an entrance to a secret stage. After you fight the Minotaur, climb the next screen and head over to the right. Fall down this screen and manuever Sonia so she is in the middle. She should fall on a platform with a transparent candle. Hit it and jump off. Fall all of the way and you'll reach the secret dungeon. At the end of the level, Dracula awaits.

Stage 6: The Secret Dungeon

The hidden level of the game, spear guards and other vile creatures will attack you here. One section will cause Sonia to freeze in her steps while enemy spirits attack. Not too difficult to find is the collection item, and the evil Executioner will fight you before you can return to the Underground Cave.

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