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Stage 1: Axe

The Axe is extraordinarily easy to find. At one point in the level, you can either go up a rope or continue going right. Keep going right and you'll find it.

Stage 2: Clock

Head up the rope in the picture above when the path diverges. You'll find the Clock at the top.

Stage 3: Dagger

In the first screenshot, go into the passage on the left side of the screen. Climb the first set of ropes you find to get the Dagger.

Stage 4: Holy Water

This level is annoying because there are a few forks, but the first couple will lead you to dead ends. Anyway, once again, at the screen in the first picture, head into the upper-right corner to find the Holy Water.

Stage 5: Hidden Level Entrance

All of the items so far have been very easy to find - however, accessing the secret level actually requires a little bit more effort. After you fight the midboss in level 5, if you proceed to the right you'll find an empty room. Go back left a screen, climb it and enter the passage in the first picture. This next room looks like there's a pit on the bottom, but it's not. Drop down and hit the candles. One of them will open up the floor in that dead end room, and you'll drop to the secret level.

Hidden Level: Cross

Again, pretty standard - find the passage on the right side of the screen (like the screenshot), and you'll obtain the final item, the Cross.

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