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Fire Whip:

This one's pretty to easy to find. Head to the room with the floating platform on the second floor of hte Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab. Using the platform, jump onto the ledge closest to the southmost door, and you'll see some poles to swing on. You'll find the door to the Fire Elemental (and a Max Heart Up) here.

Ice Whip:

Head southeast in the Dark Palace of Waterfalls until you find the room with the bricked-up doorway (it's in the same room as the Axe weapon.) When you approach the wall, a mace swinging knight will appear behind you. Just lure it close enough (this will take a few tries) and it will break open the door with its weapon. You'll find an entrance to one of the skull chutes in this room. However, on that ledge (pictured above), jump out towards the camera and you'll land on a platform you couldn't see before. Climb up to the top to face the Ice Elemental.

Lightning Whip:

On the eastern side of the Garden Forgotten by Time (near the end of the level) you'll discover that you can use the flower petals from those evil plant things to jump onto higher platforms. One of such locations leads to a hidden switch, the other will lead to a larger, more open room. You'll need to the Wolf's Foot to fully complete this area, but use the whip to swing on the lamp poles and you'll come across the Lightning Elemental.

White Orb:

On the first floor of the Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab, head east and you'll find a room with a statue. You'll need both the fire and ice whips for this - first hit the statue a bunch of times with the fire whip to head it up. Then, quickly switch to the ice whip and smash it. If you're quick enough, the statue will crumble and you'll receive the hidden white orb.

Black Orb:

On the second floor ofhte Pagoda of the Misty Moon, you'll find a room filled with torches. Hit one and a timer begins counting to zero. Whip all of the torches and make it through the locked door to enter the next area. Head down to the bottom of the tower and you'll find one of those annoying darkened rooms. If you follow the path, you'll find an HP Max up. However, when you exit and head back into the dark room, jump to the platform on the left (it's pictured, but hard to see.) Here, you'll want to activiate the Wolf's Foot and make a blind jump to the left. If you did it correctly, you'll find another platform with a door. You'll find the Unlock Jewel in here. Go back to the hub selection area, but instead of choosing a level, walk down those stairs on the left side of the screen. You can use the Unlock Jewel to open the door and go down. You'll find the Forgotten One here - just beat him (easier said than done) and you'll get the Black Orb.

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