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Lament of Innocence Passwords

Joachim Mode:

Beat the game as Leon, then put in your name as "@Joachim" to play as the boss character. He's quite a bit different from Leon. Since he can't use items, the gameplay is similar to old school Castlevanias - meaning that you will probably die a LOT, especially at the bosses. Some of the relics have been replaced with HP Max, Magic Max and other items to make Joachim a bit stronger. He has two primary sword stances. In the first one, the sword swords surround him, and while they are very rapid fire and are quick to hit the enemies, they aren't too powerful. In the second stance, the swords hover behind him, and you must take care to manually aim them. They also don't return as quickly - however, they are twice as powerful. There are also two magic attacks - the first stance will summon the swords to slash everything surrounding Joachim, and the second stance will let Joachim shoot a powerful energy bolt for a couple of seconds. Magic can be regenerated by damaging enemies.

Pumpkin Mode:

Beat Joachim mode, then put in your name as "@Pumpkin" to play as this cute little guy. He makes funny noises whenever he does anything, he hums Walter's theme when he's idle, and has a special pumpkin subweapon. However, for the most part, he pretty much plays just like Leon.

All Skills:
Beat the game as Leon and type in "@LLSKILL" to get all of the skills at the beginning of the game.

Crazy Mode:
Beat the game and put in your name as "@CRAZY". You'll face a harder difficulty mode.

Boss Rush:
When you beat the game, head back to the central hub and you'll find a new circle in the enter to fight all of the bosses.

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